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Women's Gloves/Mittens

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Need recommendations on WARM gloves/mittens. Its time for a new pair, and haven't really kept myself up on the latest and greatest.  I have been looking a some Hestra's, however just curious if there were comps out there.

Thanks all!!
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Check out the Gordini DaGore Goose Mitt. Has Goose down and Gore, super warm, waterproof and breathable. I got a pair for my wife last year and never heard her complain about having cold hands again. I think that they also make it in a glove.
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I'll check them out - Thanks!
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Black Diamond Mercury mitts.
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 My favourite have been the Auclair Heli mitts and Hestra Czone mittens.  I'd swear by either of those.
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Another vote for Black Diamond Mercury Mitts. If your hands get cold in these, there is no hope!
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Dakine makes some great gloves & mittens that won't break the bank.  Some even come w/ removeable liners so your hands stay warm when you need to pull the outer mitten/glove off.
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Thanks everyone!!!  Well, I am going to try the BlackDiamond Mercury MItts.  I had my mind set on the Hestra's however, after reading several reviews, I changed my mind and wanted a pair of Swany's.  However the Black Diamonds look promising!   now I just need to hope they help!


Thanks again!

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I've waded in on this before. My wife has real hand circ porblems. She usees the BD Mercs, mitten liners and heater pacs....end of story. No cold hands. Sometimes the thumbs and she'll pull them into the main mitt on the lift. Takes care of that. Black Diamond...good stuff.
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