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Demo Day GS Skis?

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The last time I skied I was skiing with some folks on older gar so we decided to check out the Freestyle Demo Tent at Wintergreen.  I was happy with the Head SS iWC SL but am in the market for a longer GS ski. Though there was plenty to choose from in the SL, All Mountain,and a few twin tip models, I didn't see a single GS ski or anything longer than a 178, period.  Rather than complain like a curmudgeon, I just said I don't see anything that interests me and waited patiently while my ski buds tried some of he SLs and All Mountain models. We went back twice so I doubt it was just a matter of the GS and longer skis being all in use.  Is this typical to have SL skis but no GS skis at demo tents?  I suppose they don't want to arm people with really fast skis, or is the demand for GS skis simply a lot flatter than the demand for SL?  I'd think that more folks would be using GS skis than SL in beer league and team racing, but what do I know anyway?
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GS and racing skis are not typically demoed at tents.  Typically these are made available to racing clubs since their members typiclly buy them.  Check with your locakl race club and some of the coaches will know what is available to try.

Also it is not common to put demo bindings on a race ski.  In the head line the race skis have the race plate with Free Flex 14 Pro (or higher) on the skis.  The Free Flex Pro binding has a considerable adjustment but is not a demo binding.

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As already mentioned, the main thing that surprised me in your post was that they did have SL skis. Race skis, nowadays, seem to be regarded almost as an oddball niche product.

If you want to find demos (a lot of them), you might try Government Camp in the summer, though that is perhaps - based on one's location on the the map and the calendar - not the most practical suggestion of the day.
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