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Awsome Kneissl ski line

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Having skied Kneissl for a few years and loved the ski it was sad when they were not in the US. Well they have come back in a BIG way. I have skied 3 models so far and they have been everything you would expect from an Austrian wood core verticle sidewall ski line and MORE. Overall they have a wide selection of skis and the graphics are simple elegant and stylish. If you have not tried them check out the website: www.kneisslnorthamerica.com Here are the 3 I have skied so far.

RED STAR RC: I skied the Red Star with a Vist plate set up and enjoyed this ski a lot. It is very quick edge to edge and performed well in and out of either short or long turns. I was impressed at how well the ski bent and held an arc but you could still lengthen or shorten it at will.

The edge grip was off the charts!

Great hard snow ski and set up. Great ski for Master racers or Nastar enthusiast


While I have not yet taken it in deep snow (tough to get in New England), the ski performance on hardpack/ice/bumps and light powder was fantastic. I have been skiing on a few years old Super Moto (replaced by the Black Star SM) I decided to get the MC to have a little wider under foot ski. I was concerned how the MC might perform in short turns with the wider width and while a little slower edge to edge then the Super Moto this ski had no problem ripping off short turns or running in the bumps and really performed the best in larger turns at speed.

I was very happy with the wide range of performance this ski offered and it is a GREAT looking ski to boot! Clean and sharp looking, they got lots of comments from people in the lift line! The binding system is simple and really effective on transfering power to the ski.

BLACK STAR SM: Eastern All Mtn ski. While it can handle bumps, and powder it's hart is on the hard pack and charging GS or reaching short turns. It is a stiff ski and has to be skied aggressivly to perform at it's best. More of a full race ski all mountain hybrid.

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Last year on ebay a guy in California was selling a number of Kneissl skis really cheap. I almost pulled the trigger on a pair and I wished I would have.
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Thanks for the shout out...  we're excited that you like them!  Kneissl is happy to be back in North America and we plan on sticking around this time!

For those that don't know a lot about Kneissl, it's a company that's been making skis since 1919, and at one time was one of the largest ski companies in the world.  Kneissl was the first company to introduce a laminated ski (1931) and the first company to release a fiberglass ski (the White Star in 1960) and can argue that they were the first company to develop and release a shaped ski (the Ergo in 1992).

For those that are interested, next year's line up will include a wider version of the Rock Star in a 191 cm length (145-108-129.5) with a slight rocker that should really be good in deeper snow.  The rest of the 2010/2011 lineup will be the same as the skis currently shown on our website.

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 too bad a sheihk from dubai owns them now...

Also I love their race skis (I'm on last years slaloms which is the the same as this year's just a different graphic, and im on two year old gs's, vist plates on both) 

I love that they still make sandwich construction, vertical sidewall race skis but I'm worried that they are just going to start mass producing rentals for dubai's ski area and they aren't going to keep developing new technology.  They already are skimping and only update the skis every two years (3 year olds are same as 2 year olds, just different graphics, and last years and this years are the same except for graphics I heard).

Also Kneissl has been in North America since 2004-2005 on a very small scale in the east mostly. 

I really hope they keep developing new designs because I'm going to need new skis next year, and I haven't raced on anything but Kneissls in the last 6 years I think.  
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Your information is a little off, but I do appreciate the fact that you like skiing on Kneissl!  For the record:

Kneissl's primary investor, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Issa Al Jaber, is from Saudi Arabia, not Dubai.  His investment in Kneissl is intended to help strengthen the company in both its ski business and provide capital to introduce other non-skiing related products (mountain bikes, tennis, etc.) as well as pursue using the Kneissl "brand" in developing Kneissl Resorts (one of his primary businesses is hotels), but unrelated to the ski business.  Kneissl has no interest in building "rental" skis of any kind... please be serious!

Until January 2009 when we executed a partnership agreement with Kneissl, they hadn't been distributed by an authorized distributor since I believe 2006 (or early 2007), when their agreement with Strolz/Kneissl North America was terminated. 

Kneissl constantly "tweaks" their designs / materials from year to year to improve them, as do all manufacturers. While my post above references only one "new" ski for the year, there are a few other subtle changes being made to the line as appropriate (changes of materials, dimensions, etc.).  What they don't do, a decision which they made starting with the introduction of the 2007 / 2008 line, is slap a new graphic on the ski in an effort to make the ski "fresh" and stimulate demand.  They believe the current classic look makes sense, and helps to build an identity for the brand.  So do I.

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Iam selling two pairs of Kneissls in great shape  great skis!! hapin40@gmail.com Martin JR

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Originally Posted by Martin JR View Post

Iam selling two pairs of Kneissls in great shape  great skis!! hapin40@gmail.com Martin JR

A "few" details would be nice.

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Hi I have skied on Kneissl for the past 45 years and I never found a ski as good or as well made


I have Black Star XC,


Every White Star that came out. including the single edge ski (no top edge)


White Star double edge so stable at extremely high speeds and any size turn.


VIP Star segmented edge down hill racing ski could do mount hut top to bottom in 3 turns and stable as hell.


Super Star first Graphite ski in the world


And Moto skis they are great


Where is the company I want to buy it

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Hmmm.   Not sure what you mean by 'no top edge'.    And the cap ski White Stars from around 1998 were pure and utter rubbish in my opinion, as bad or worse than the Dynastar Max series.  

Granted, the 1632 system or whatever it was called was pretty clever and innovative, and the old Tankers were a defining big mountain ski and the Moto was a nice crudbuster that worked as a NASTAR ski.   Granted, the Tele Star series was fun in its day and can still be used for knocking about with grip tape during freak snowstorms.   

But all of those things are now at least 10 years behind the technology curve.   I mean, I wish you well if you do buy it but there is an awesome amount of catching up to do.

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In 1965 when I was studying in Europe, I bought the Red Star, the Red Sled as it was often called. Kneissl is an Austrian ski, but the factory in Kufstein is only about 100 m from the German border.

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Uh, in terms of present tense, hasn't Kneissl been bankrupt and the factory closed since 2011? 


Never mind, carry on with the good ol' days. :D 

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Technically, the assets were bought by the investor who took the company into bankruptcy, but yeah... they aren't doing anything anymore.  You can still find a few pair of new skis (I even have 2 pair of 2011/2012 Rock Stars) around if you are really jonesing for a pair.

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Originally Posted by mmckimson View Post

You can still find a few pair of new skis (I even have 2 pair of 2011/2012 Rock Stars) around if you are really jonesing for a pair.


I bought a pair of White Stars from you last season.  I mounted them with Rossi WC race plates and FKS bindings, and am very happy with their performance (not to mention their austere good looks).  Very torsionally ridged and grippy, but surprisingly easy to bend into any shape turn you want (I actually find them more short-turn oriented than any other GS ski I've been on). I can't wait to get back on 'em!!  Thanks for the sale!

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