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Moguls have women?

The Smashing Mogols (note spelling) would be a good name for a band, I think.

I oppose mogul smashage, personally.

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I'm among the tele-curious myself.  I find myself marveling at tele skiers much more than I do at alpine skiers and enjoy the grace of the turns.  I found this quote on the New England Telemark website and thought it summed it up nicely ...


Tele is to alpine as fly fishing is to spin casting.  It's got soul.

(http://www.netelemark.com/why_tele.html for more ideas :)
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Originally Posted by MastersRacer View Post

Tele gear is also comfortable, fairly light and a little less pricey than alpine gear.

Tele gear definitely is lighter, but I don't agree with the statement that it is less pricey.  If you opt for the new NTN binding boot combination, the bindings themselves rock you for around $400.  Because there are fewer pieces of tele gear sold each year compared to alpine gear, the tele community ends up paying a larger share per person of the R&D costs.
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Telemark skiiers are beautiful to watch. I don't know how they do it... Its amazing how they can rip on the most insane stuff...
I think people are into tele skiing because they love the back country and they are into being fluid.
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Did you just go Chenggis Khan on his a$$? 

I was just at my local mountain (molehill) today and I saw two people on telemark skis.  I have to say it looks really cool and both of them were, from what I could see, quite proficient at it as well.  Although the one guy did cut me in line, few bad apples everywhere eh!
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