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Hunter or Windham, 1/9/10

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It's snowing in the Catskills and I've got passes to Windham and Hunter burning in my pocket! If anyone's headed up that way and wouldn't mind letting me hitch a ride, I'll gladly chip in for gas and beverages or lunch. I also have a few coupons that I got when I purchased Hunter's Big Lift+1 pass.

My apartment is in Inwood, at the very northern tip of Manhattan. I-87 goes right by me, or I could also make my way across the GWB if necessary.
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When do you want to ski?   In what kind of temperatures do you ski?   Send photo.
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uhh...sorry, no photo...why do I feel like I'm in an AOL chat room all of a sudden?

But to answer your questions, I wanna ski all day Saturday, and I'll ski in any temperature with snow still on the ground. HOT, I know, right?
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Send him a photo of Hunter or Windham tee hee hee

Here's one of Hunter..

And here's Windham:

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Windham a definite possibility. Will pm when I know for sure.

No photo required, none offer either. ;-)
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Thanks, at_nyc, I'll look for that PM. My car-less self will be really grateful for the ride if you decide to go
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Great stuff with the wrestlers. What ever became of Barry Windham?
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Originally Posted by roundturns View Post

Great stuff with the wrestlers. What ever became of Barry Windham?

It appears he is still semi active in the minors
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Hey, let's keep this thread on topic, shall we? I wanna go skiing this weekend, and I need a ride! (-;

Now, if Barry Windham would like to give me a ride to Windham, I'll gladly buy him a new leather vest for his latest match...
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Apologies, I would love to give you a ride to either place and ski with you someday.  I'll even let you play DJ with the traveling tunes.  It just probably won't be til my wife and kids go visit our friends in Brooklyn next season
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Heh, no need to apologize, I've just got the bug and I'm being ornery .

As for next season, it's a deal. And if you and your wife need to get away from the kids for a while, leave them in Brooklyn for the night (-; 
My SO and I have an extra bedroom in Northern Manhattan and you're more than welcome to stay over. Or drop the kids off and go have fun in the city, we'll keep 'em occupied with my Pixar DVD collection!
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It's snowing a bit in NYC, which means they must be at least getting a dusting up in the Catskills...
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Sorry, was sick yesterday... :(


So, Saturday is out. A small chance for Sunday if I recover in time to salvage the weekend (getting old == no more bouncing back overnight...)

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Bummer, but yeah, resting up is priority #1! Take it easy and feel better! We'll make it up there another time.
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