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okay im a begginer skier.Im about 160, 6 feet tall. I dont understand why some skies are really short and some are long. Are the short ones for freestyle or begginers or what.When i rent skies they always give me 163 is that the right size for me. Im 16 and i really like volkl skies and k2. But im into whatever. could anyone sugest a ski for me and the size. thanks.
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If you are a beginner I think anything around 163 is a good size for you. As far as the difference in sizes for skis, aside from the obvious that tall heavier people generally get longer skis and shorter lighter people generally get shorter skis. There are a lot of reasons some one may pic a short or longer ski. First of all beginner and less experienced skiers generally go with a shorter ski, shorter skis are easier to turn and more controllable. Advanced and expert skiers generally go with longer skis. Longer skis go faster and are more stable at higher speed and can hold an edge much better. However, some people get different lengths of skis for different styles of skiing. People that ski in the park may want a shorter ski so it is easier to spin. People who like carving turns on groomers may want a longer ski. There are many other reasons but this is just the basics of it. Unfortunately I cant recommend a ski for you. I would really suggest you rent or even better lease a pair of skis. If you do want to buy yourself a pair of skis though go to your local ski shop and talk to the people there. They will let you know what you should buy. Hope this helps Good luck!!!

Oh one good ski to consider is the K2 Silencer
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As skier232 said, skis come in different lengths to suit different purposes and different bodies.

First, getting good-fitting boots is vastly more important then getting skis.  If your boots don't fit well, then you can't possibly control your skis efficiently, at which point you might as well be sliding around on a pair of cafeteria trays.

As for skis...  As well as varying lengths, they come in a mind-numbing array of shapes as well.  Narrow skis that are good for racing, wide skis that are good for deep snow, in-between shapes that work well anywhere, skis that are good for doing tricks in the terrain park, etc.  It's worth heading down to your local ski shop and talking to the sales people about what's available.

But GET BOOTS FIRST.  If you post your location here, somebody can probably recommend a shop that takes the time to fit your boots properly.
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Look for a ski length of 162 - 170 cm.  While 162 or 163 is probably your best size to rent, at 16 yrs old you will likely progress rapidly and most 6 ft skiers (not all) prefer something a little longer than 163.  If you have aspirations of jumps, parks, pipes, etc skis on the shorter side are probably better.
Of equal importance is the width.  A waist width of 70 - 78 is fairly neutral or average.  Hedge toward the narrow side if you are skiing in the east, toward the wider side if skiing in the west.
Of course ski shops are the best source of information and most will give advise based on your questions vs based on which skis they have in stock.
Almost any major brand ski that you buy will be a good ski.  It's almost hard to go wrong with what is on the market today.
Hope this helps.
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