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Poll Results: How many skis (that you definitely use for specific conditions) do you own?

Poll expired: Jan 8, 2010  
  • 10% (7)
  • 16% (11)
  • 20% (14)
  • 19% (13)
  • 10% (7)
  • 8% (6)
  • 5% (4)
  • 0% (0)
  • 8% (6)
68 Total Votes  
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I don't know that I have a specific use for each, these are just three skis I really enjoy skiing. If I had to categorize them the Spitfire Pros are more of my SL ski's used at smaller ski areas skiing with my 8 year old, but still very capable of ripping through the Nastar gates when I get the chance. The 4X4's are my all terrain/all conditions resort type ski capable of handling hard, soft or cruddy snow conditions. The Supersonics are simply the funnest hard snow skis that I've ever owned and excel on steeper, faster icier runs, more of my GS ski I guess. There is some over lap between the three but I love them all!
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Short narrow skis=Dynastar 4800 (158 I am only 5'5") for frontside bumps and fun with the kids
Longer heavy skis=Atomic M:EX (165) for all mountain and some pow
Longer yet pow/crud backside skis=Rossi Bandit XXX (178)
Anyone know of one ski on current market that does all?
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No particular reason, these are just three ski's I really enjoy for my local conditions. The Spitfires are more SL, the Supersonics more GS and the 4X4's are more All-Terrain.
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I voted for six. That includes two pair of the same ski with different bindings and doesn't include the Explosivs which are retired and the m103s which are in semi-retirement. I've got all the bases covered: powder, touring powder, freaky powder, charging powder, Bohemia powder, Keweenaw bc touring powder.
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OK, OK, I've got 8 BUT, I have three quivers.

On the least coast I keep Dynastar Skicross 10's, 8000's, and 8800's.

In Florida I keep 8k's, Mythics, and LP's for SCL and Rockies trips,

At my buddy's house at Whistler, I have 8k's and Mythics, but have wider stuff to choose from in his quiver.

Boots - 1 least coast, 1 Whistler, 2 Florida

Arcteryx jackets - let's just not go there.....(Glad I got my new Venta just in time for those recent 38 degree mornings we've had though).
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So far this season, I've used (short to long):

176 Fischer AMC 79s / 12-DIN Railflex: primary purpose is early season muscle-memory activation, but later in the season, for mellow days (especially when I'm skiing a couple weeks straight or with the less-skilled).  Also (thanks to Railflex demos) my loaner skis.

186 Fischer Big Stix 84s / Tyrolia d10 FF+17:  Crud busting, mixed day midfats.

188 PM Gear Bro Models / Marker Duke (large):  AT, all-around fun, loaners for friends with big feet on softer days.

190 Moment Ruby / Tyrolia d10 FF+17:  New this year, and so far, I haven't found a condition I don't like them in.  Ridiculously good edge hold, especially when you take girth into account.  A little slow to turn in trees.  Basically a longer and fatter version of the Big Stix.

194 Stockli Stormrider XL / Salomon 912ti Poweraxe:  Blasting groomers, slaughtering domesticated animals.

195 Praxis Powders / Tyrolia Mojo 15:  Soft days, tree days, fun fun fun.
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I kept looking for the "more than 9" option as well....

I actually have 12 pairs of skis, but now that I'm not racing, I could easily ditch the 2 SLs, the 2 GSs and the SG/DHs, leaving me with 7. Of those, the following actually get used:
177 Volkl AX3 Gamma - the rock skis
176 Hart Lady Twin - for "skiing with Mom" days
177 Volkl Karma - the daily drivers
177 Volkl Aura - the funner daily drivers, for light pow, spring slush, "out west" OSQ
176 Volkl Kiku (08-09) - the deep pow and big mountain freight trains
Hubby's 165 P60 SLs - the hard snow ice skates (he doesn't know I steal them regularly as they've basically replaced my 6*s )

The 2 I'm considering selling: 168 Volkl 6*, 175 Volkl Sumo (WHAT was he thinking when he bought these???? )
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I have six pair that I have used or intend to use this season. Plus six pair that I consider my "benchmark" skis that will never go away. Plus four that will be sold.
(I'm not trying to "quit" but I am trying to cut back.)

Dynastar contact 4x4         172cm     Hard/Soft Pack
Stockli Stormrider XXL        170cm     Hard/Soft Pack/Crud
Fischer Watea 84              176cm     Hard/Soft Pack/Crud/Powder
Scott Mission                    178cm     Crud/Powder
Fischer Watea 94              186cm     Powder(will be changing to 178cm)

Atomic R-EX(D$$$)            177cm     Randonee w/Fritschi Freeride +
Bonus:Salomon Super Mtn. 186cm    Randonee w/Fritschi Freeride

Question: If I start racing again, can I have more skis?

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If there was a 9+ vote, it would be primarily a racer's entry, and for our purposes, all of racing is basically one quiver category: racing on ice. also, many racers have two of the same ski, one for the race, one for some training, semi-rock, and getting around the mountain.
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Five pairs at the moment.  From right to left:

Völkl Mantra 177cm - for when there's fresh snow or I want to hit the woods.
Völkl Tigershark 10' 175cm - the everyday go-to ski for ripping the groomers.
Völkl P50 Platinum 178cm - rock, crud, and slush ski.
Fischer Outbound Crown 189cm - for when I do the Nordic thing with my wife
Völkl 5 Star 175cm - hard groomers only - for when I want more rebound than the TS tens.

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4 for me

2006 170 Atomic SX-11 (Beer league race ski) - Neox 6-14
2007 183 Volkl Mantra (relegated to rock ski/no snow for week duty) - Salomon S900 Equipe
2009 185 Line Mothership (go to resort ski) - Salomon S914
188 Volant Spatula (cat skiing duty) - Salomon 997


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OK - I'll play.  I'm also in the 9+ camp.

These days I'm basically doing manufacturer quivers - I like a specific ski manufacturer and build a quiver from their offerings.  For the past few years I've really liked the stuff from Elan and Stockli (but I do like other manufacturers).  I also still have a soft spot for the old Volants (even if I keep bending them).

New Elan Skis:
  • 2010 SL WaveFlex Fusion RS
  • 2010 Magfire 82 XTI
  • 2009 888 ALU

Old Elan Skis:
  • 2005 S12
  • 2006 M777
  • 2006 M999

New Stockli Skis:
  • 2009 Stormrider VXL
  • 2010 Rotor 106 (under consideration - along with the Katana or 1010)

Old Stockli Skis:
  • 2004 Stormrider XL
  • 2004 Stormrider DP

Old Volant Skis:
  • 2004 Machete Soul
  • 2004 Machete Sin
  • 2004 Machete FB

So there's my baker's dozen (including the deep snow skis I'm about to pull the trigger on).  I've skied about half of them so far this season and will most likely get on every one of them for at least a day or two if not more.

I have a big hole in the major fat boards department - so I am considering the Volkl Katana, Elan 1010, or Stockli Rotor 106.
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Originally Posted by davluri View Post

A Poll:
Skis you actually ride, they're good to go for 2010, you sought them out and acquired them to fill an important, essential, fundamental niche. 

Overlap is no problem here, never was, never will be.
I did like your original concept;"simple",straightforward. Amazing how we digress.
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Rock Skis:  Used until the conditions are good for venturing off the groomed, or when it hasn't snowed in a long while.

Beaver Creek:  A ski that is suited to my style with that mountain in mind.  This is also my most versatile ski that I'd travel with.

Vail:  A ski that is suited to my style with that mountain in mind.

AT:  Touring setup that is also sometimes taken to the mountains mentioned.

Then a slew of nordic skis, from racing all the way up to lightweight metal edged nordic BC use.
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2 pairs here with a possible third on the way. I have never seen the need for much more unless I was to start racing.

168 Volkl Dogen park ski,bump ski, rock ski
185 Salomon Lord everything else and back country, If it was not for hitting rails and needing a rock ski this would be my only ski.
I am looking to add a bump specific ski most likely a Volkl Wall or Rebellion
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 Everyday ski...

Kastle MX88 176 w/Jesters

Powder Daze:

K2 PBR 179 w/ Jesters

Vintage Days:

1974 The Ski 185 w/ Tyrolia 350R 
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Stockli Spirit Globe - 170cm - Hard Snow / Groomers
Peak 78 - 177cm - redundant, little of everything
Fischer Cold Heat - 176cm - redundant, little of everything
Stockli Stormrider VXL - 179cm - crud smashers
Fischer Watea 94 - 178cm - soft snow all 'rounders

These are the ones that I "own" at this time, having access to the ski shop demo fleet, makes my quiver a little of a moving target.
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