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Best all around ski, so I can rip for another decade?

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My Stats
5'10" 215lbs 50yo

Skill Level
Advanced, powerful carver, technically sound (former Aspen Ski Patrol)

Current Terrain (Maine)
Retired bump junky who now skies mostly groomers, steep trail edges and token bump runs after new snow (I like to see fthe faces on the young studs when grampy blows by them hehehe)

Historical Equipment
Mostly GS boards for torsional rigidity when carving hard (I detest wash out)
Volkl P50 188cm
Fischer RC4 GS Race Tune 178cm

Here's the deal.  My old knees hurt. (25 year old knee rebuild doesn't help)  My stiff, heavy, GS boards are too much friggin work.  I need a lighter, versatile ski that will still allow me to carve dynamic short/medium radius turns, blast the crud and cruise...without kicking the crap out of me.  I used to be up on ski technology, but in recent years have lost touch. You guys know your sh&t.  Please give me a few killer skis to demo.

Thanks in advance.
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I would say a ski with a shape in these general dimentions. 132-140 tip/ 95-105 Mid/ 118-130 tail. Somthing with early rise and camber under foot. I wouldnt go with rocker as much as early rise ER skis tend to accually carve better. As an example this is one ski that can {do it all} Volkl Mantra. Another for big guys would be Nordica Helli Pro. I have the Nordica jet fuel that skis little brother for a front side carver and they are smooth and very carvy but not the greatest in powder if your lucky enough to get a dump. Theres more and more skis that call themselves one Quiver these days but thats up for debate as to what a one Q means? Every one has there own idea what thats suposed to be!!LOL


    The tech is going toward the Rocker with camber under foot. Theres so many now its very hard to pick one Im finding. Im accually in the same boat as you right now and have litteraly spend weeks trying to read and decifer every ski on the market!!!! Theres a MILLION OF THEMMM!!eek.gif


     Im stearing toward the burly ski reputaion companies more and more like Nordica and Volkl. Elan has some great tech with there skis and so does Kastle skis omong a lot of others. Line makes the Prophet 100 thats looks and sounds good also but im steering toward the 115? Hears what Ive narrowed it down to.


  Volkl Mantra...Im just not sure about the float in Powder or this would be the one?


 Volkl Kantana....Big burly all rounder nice looking and not to heavy for a huge ski.


Line mothership....Same as above but heavier. Love the looks!!


Nordica Enforcer.....Seems similar as the Kantana?


Kastle MX98 ...I love the look of this ski but the narrow tip scares me for powder. I think? the others will float a big guy better and still carve well?


Line sir Fransis Bacon...This ski has a lot going for it in the fun factor but not so sure they can accually get on edge and carve a good turn on hard packet groomers.


 Fisher Watea 98...This is a sort lister that has a lot of great things going for it. I would look hard at this new ski. Tough and lots of features. Its a twin tip but I think this one is a top three all rounder to look at. it new so not a lot about it? I look for Utube videos to see them skiing for all of the above.


   Honestly ther are so many great skis you could be happy on a lot of them. Take your time its a major investment. BTW any of the skis above I would want the Schizo binding or Jetster by Marker. If I wanted to ski a little backcountry one day look at the Duke or barron by Marker. These bindings are top rated and I have the Schizo and its an exallent very adjustable binding.


  GOOD LUCK. James

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I disagree.  If you like short to medium radius turns, ski in Maine, and you're a skilled powerful carver, the Mantras should not be your primary ski.  I have similar needs/skill sets and use Mantras only for powder days or extremely soft cruddy spring days.  Your primary or only ski should be narrower.  I'm spoiled and have one set of boards for 80% of Eastern days (Blizzard Supersonics) and another (Mantras) for the other 20%.  I take the Mantras to Utah.


I don't know enough about the huge number of choices in between 72mm and 96mm, but I'm guessing you should be somewhere in between if you want one ski for Maine.  Probably a little closer to 72 given your location and skill set. 


Or maybe you'll end up with a new quiver. 


Good luck!


By the way Mantras float fine in powder.

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I am also an east coast skier and am not sold on skis wider than 80mm underfoot for everyday eastern skiing. IMHO 80mm underfoot offers a pretty good compromise for what we get here on the east coast. You will get pretty quick edge to edge transition. They will blast through crud and softer snow and if the flex pattern is right you can still rip bumps. For bumps you want to look at a ski with a slighly narrower tail around 106 that is turned up and rounded so that the tail releases easily. Many of the new school carvers have wider tails 110+ and are more square in shape. These skis will carve up the mountain like no other but they do not like you to skid your tails or release them until you are through with your turn or carve.

I am also not sold on "Rocker" for hard pack and icy east coast conditions. For west coast soft and forgiving snow? Hell yes. But east coast concrete? The jury is still out.

FWIW my current all mountain east coast ski is the Volkl AC30. The Volkl Tigershark, Nordica Hot Rod Tempest, Elan Waveflex 78ti, Rossi Avenger 76 would also be good choices for all mountain eastern skiing.

Your opinion may vary,

Rick G
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Blizzard G-Powers, Stockli SX's, Dynastar Contact 4x4's, Kastle RX12's. I ski the NE, have bad knees, older than you, probably not as technically advanced but OK. Each of these will be smooth, damp, superb edge hold, happy at various speeds, acceptable to strong in bumps, great in crud. None are especially forgiving, but not your issue. Forget anything over 75; you're not asking for an all mountain, you're describing a race carver that can deal with other stuff...

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OSB 50 , is that a picture of you or Tony Sailor in your profile?


How about the Head Titan in a 177 ?

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^^^^Actually, I'd make an exception to my 75 mm cutoff for Titans. They're a 66 mm pretending to be 79, apparently super smooth. Good call for a bigger guy. 

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OOOOps early morrning post at 5am after night shift!biggrin.gif Missed that skiing Mane area part east coast icers. I do however disagree with the width factor whole hartily. Forget the mantra yes its more for us softer snow west coast guys as an all rounder. I can tell you until the past couple of days were I'm at hasn't received snow in over 3 weeks!! 2ft last night thank GOD!! My everyday ski is 84mm under foot 126/84/112 in a 178. These skis absolutely slay ice!!I'm talking literally blue ice. i skied on the nordica Doberman and would compare the jetfuel as a more forgiving hard packed ski that also does very good in soft snow up to 6cm. Once you get deeper snow the tips just have a hard time staying up very well for us over 200lbders. So theres also lots of skis in the 80- 85 area that will work as All rounders for you also I would say with confidents. Yes the sub 80 skis will ski a little better of same Quality but for those days when you have softer snow you still want to enjoy that also. i just think mid fat fit the bill for many conditions. My Jetfuels would be the perfict ski for me if the tips were just a little fofter and wider for deeper days.Thats why Im looking as I mentioned in the first post the skis I did. I guess idealy you want at least two pair of skis. One for Ice and very hard packed groomers the other for deep days of if you travel to a big mountain.


    Having said that, you could accually buy two pairs of skis mounted for under $1500 that would suit your needs for a very long time. But if I was only buying one ski i would make sure they worked reasonably well in 20cm of powder also. In the OLD days you got away with 66-68cm waist skis in powder because of the lengths over 200cm. Today the mountains groom much less in our area because of the skis being wider and snowboarders. Sorry for the confution on widths. Were Im at I need close to 100 idealy under foot for very soft days to venture out of bounds were I primaraly ski in the trees.

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Volkl Bridge 2011, a great carver, and yes it's rockered. Remember a few years ago everyone thought 80mm waist skis couldn't carve? Same deal, rockers carve.

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Reading Dawg's and SJ's reviews-I'd look at those Fischer Motives (80  or 84).


I'm also Pretty happy with my Contact 4x4's as an all-around carver (stiff as heck, however and requires a little extra focus in the bumps!).

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What's your name?  I was pretty much on Aspen everyday in the 80's.


I don't know if you knew about Eric, RIP.






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