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Help - Men's Size - 14 Width - A

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Have looked and shopped and spoken to boot fitters and many seem stumped by my problem.

Does anyone make a Mondo 31 or larger is a 98mm or smaller boot. 

Have gone through a couple of boots over the past few years, once they are packed in they do not fit.  Heel will not stay locked and forefoot swims.

Have heard to add extra foam to the side add a saddle to the heel bot the boot fitters have kind of contradicted themselves.  Best advice was find a really narrow large boot and work on that.

Problem is no manufacturer seems to make a 98mm last over 29.5 or 30.5.  This really does not help. Have tried Salomon as I was told they are narrow and had a pair of Atomic's which turn out to be wide.

Any of the boot guys have advice on a starting place for a boot to get it tuned in from.

Also seems to be really late in the season to buy a large boot.  Was told today by a fitter to come and and they will order for next September with no guarantee they will fit.  I have learned not to order footwear unless I have worn similar from same manufacturer.

My barking dogs are eagerly awaiting any help you have.

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This may seem like a dumb question----but-----do your feet measure 31cm on a mondo board?
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They measure, right 14 on branncok and left a little larger.  I was told they measure about 31.5 on the mondo.  With a trusty ruler I see 31 cm in my ski socks if mondo and cm is a straight conversion.
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odds are you will fit a boot that is smaller then what you measure in cm.
have you been to see a good boot fitter?  or just some big box store?

31 is avail in the full tilt (98mm)

lange fuild (99?)
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Was by Lou's today and they have no stock . They suggested I bring my current boots in to see if that can get them to fit better which I will try. 

Was by a very reputable shop to try on boots and tried a smaller pair but the heel lift was still an issue though length on a smaller boot was OK, doubt I could go smaller than 30.5.  The boot was OK for length but at 100 and 102 respectively were still wide.  The 20 year old girl serving me, though attractive was clearly not a boot fitter.

The other reputable boot fitters do not have any stock to try around my size and suggested I shelve my search for next season.

I am willing to go smaller to get the width fit and add little extra toe room if that is possible.

I generally do not shop big boxes or the net as service is definitely worth $.

I am really hoping for a starting point i.e. go smaller and adjust later with a fitter or find the best out of the box all around fit and work from there.  Problem is none of the fitters have starting point boots and it means buying something somewhere esle and hoping the fitter can fix it after the fact.  I do not like that idea as it seems like there are risks in getting a misadjusted boot and a booth t hat cannot be returned.



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your best shot sounds like waiting till next season and starting early, boot wize i think again (and without seeing your feet this is speculation) that the full tilt may be your best option, it is pretty narrow and low volume, you should get into a 30/30.5 but they used to run a little short (sorry accurate) so you may need the 31 shell... time to speak to the fitter and see what they can do with regards to getting some in for you to try

good luck
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if you are in alberta area, stop by and see me in banff.   I have some fulltilts in 12 and 13, and langes in 29,30,31+

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Thanks everyone.  I have recevied lots of great advice in the forum and by PM.

I don't know that I will be able to wait to next season unless I stop skiing.

Will speak to the local bottfitters I spoke to to find something that will work.  I am not ready to pack it in.

Thanks everyone.
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