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Remounting bindings

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This may sound like a stupid question but I was wondering if I moved my bindings on my skis would it ruin the skis? would the extra holes compromise the ski?
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Only thing it damages is the resale value -- you won't be able to re-mount in the same spot, but hey, you wouldn't be moving them if you  liked the mount position.
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I've got up to three sets of holes in some of my skis from remounting / changing bindings, no problems.  Might be of concern to an aggressive racer, but not to the average skier.

I just make sure new holes are at least 1/2" away from old holes, and plug and seal old holes.  Golf tees are just the right diameter to plug ski binding holes.  Seal with glue.

I disagree with Aleph, yes you can remount in the same spot.  Remove the plug without enlarging the hole is all.  Use Holesavers and helicoils in the event of stripped threads, or the old trick of steel wool and epoxy.
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