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Lange recommendation

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Used to ski in Lange Tii for many years, but they finally disintegrated a few years back.  Since then I've been renting boots when skiing and can never find one to even come close to fitting (imagine that).  So we just got back from a week at Copper and I've decided to fianlly buy a pair of boots.  I'm currently considering Lange Fluid 10 (or 100's) and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what the flex of the Tii's were. 

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 They were their 'race' boot, I'd say around a 120 flex in their current line would be equivelent. 
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best to flex the both side by side and see how they feel AND flex to you.
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I no longer have the Tii's, but that would be a good thing to try- a side by side comparison.  I have to try and find out what boots I had last week at Copper- the flex was on the stiff side- almost a little more than I would like.  These were a Solomon (maybe Performa model) rental boot from Peak rentals.

The problem I have is that I'm in NC and there aren't many ski shops that sell Lange boots to try on.  This past weekend I was in NJ and was able to try a few different models and narrow down my sizing/flex options.  I used to ski steep moguls fast, but this has changed somewhat since I tore my ACL back in the late 80s. Now I like to ski fast on blue cruisers (with the wife) and still do ski moguls- just slower, and also like to ski on flatter steep trails. I’m 6’ about 180, like to ski longer skis around the 177-184 range. If the Tiis were a flex around 120, I’m thinking that a flex around 100 would work nicely for what I’m doing on the mountain now.
The other issue- as mentioned above, is that there is only one ski shop that sells Langes and they’re about 1 ½ hours away. So I’m probably going to buy the boots online (GASP!!). Would anyone know of any good shops in the Raleigh, NC area that would work on boots that weren’t purchased from them? The shop in NJ has a great fitter that helped me figure out which direction to go with the Langes, and I feel very comfortable with purchasing the boots on-line. The past two sets of boots I’ve owned have been Lange and they both fit very well with no work done to them afterwards. Thoughts?
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why not see if some other brands fit you too?  lange makes great boots, in lots of shapes, but so do many other companies.

Better to see a good boot fitter and get the right boot, then just ordering a lange, because it has fit in the past....
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I realize that other companies make great boots- and I found a shop close by that has a certified fitter- I guess I could venture out and see what other boots there are that would work- it's not like I signed a contract or anything
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An hour and a half?? That is close if the fitter is good. Consider the cost of having boots that don't fit and how they can ruin a trip and then ask if an hour and a half is really all that far away. BTW Mike is kinda in your area.

Mike Tambling
Southern Ski
1671 Lake Murray Blvd
Columbia, SC. 29212
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As it turns out- I haven't found a ski shop in NC that sell Langes- a couple can get them, but nobody keeps them in stock.  Go figure.  Like I said earlier there is a certified fitter just minutes away, but alas I'll have to venture away from Langes.  I'll just have to get over it
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Go into it with an open mind. Besides, current Langes really don't fit like the ones from 20 years ago.
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Hi Chip,

     As JDoyle mentioned we aren't that far away (Thanks J)---We have had folks travel from far greater distances to purchase boots from our shop. 
    We are a Lange dealer and do stock current models, but you may fit better in another brand/model etc.  Glad to help if you're interested.
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Hey Mike-
I know I'll be in Hendersonville, NC on Sat. the 16th- how far are you from there- I could always drive down for a fitting.
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