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Lange WC Fit (95mm) - Dimensions and possible use of Intuition Liners

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First of all I sorry to jump right in and ask questions on the forum, but I have been looking around the forum for some time.

I'm well aware the best option is to see a boot fitter, but living in Denmark the options are very limited! I went to see one of the (apparently) better shops today and was NOT impressed!

My back ground. Male, age: 27, 5'11'' - 172 lb, skiing for 15 years, aggressive style, mainly short turns on groomed and icy slopes as that's what we do most in Scandinavia. A bit bear league racing as well when the opportunity is there.

I had a pair of Rossi Race 1 Pro (27.0) for many years (model 1999/2000 I believe), very tight, but nice and snug fit. A bitch to get on/off though!
Got a pair of Salomon Race Course Spaceframe (27.5) a few years back, but I'm not happy with them. They feel loose around the ankle and I have to buckle them right down to get the sort of feedback I'm justed too! Also not to happy with the spaceframe design, feels kind of soft and the flex is weird (and yes I know that was on purpose by Salomon).

My feet are regular 9 US (approx. 269-271 mondopoint), low insteep, low volume, standard wrist and cuff. I'm using heat moulded footbeds.

As mentioned I testet a few different boots today:

1. 27.0 - Nordica Speedmachine (SM12 I think, but could have been SM10) - Way to loose and soft! Feelt like a recreational skier in them...

2. 27.0 - Salomon Falcon 10 (on offer, 2009 model I think) - nice fit at first, but a few hot spots on the top of my foot (instep) when tightening them right down to where I would expect them for serious skiing. I think this might be down to overtightening them to avoid heel lift. As soon as I backed the buckles of a little I felt a bit of heel lift. Nothing major but enough to put me off! Okay room in toebox without beeing great.
About 15mm room behind my heels when fitted without the liners.
Flex 120 - Was nice a firm, but not to stiff... Should be great when getting out on the cold slopes.

3. 27.0 - Salomon Falcon CS - Same as the speedmachine, not nearly tight enough...

4. 27.0 - Technica Dragon 120 - Somewhat better than Falcon CS and Nordica SM but not as snug a fit as the Falcon 10.

5. 9US (~27.0) - Lange World Cup 120 HP Fit (98mm) - Not bad, but a little looser around the ankle than the Falcon 10. No hot spots though and the flex also felt slightly softer than the Falcon 10.
From what I recall nice room in the toebox.

6. 8US (~26.0) - Lange World Cup HP Fit (98mm) - Great heel pocket, no movement at all, even with the buckles in just pos. 2. Seemed like a tight squeze in the toebox though. But I should mention the liner had been badly fitted in the boot earlier and was hard to straighten out in the toe area.
I think I had 5-6mm of room behind my heels without liners (is this to tight?)

Must admit I'm now pretty sure I need a race like last, I think a 95mm would be great and might even do the trick in a size 27 shell?
Not sure if I will strugle with the toebox in a 26 shell. I guess I will need a good boot fitter to make a bit of extra room if that's the size I should go for!

Biggest problem now is that I heard the newer "Shark nose" Lange boots have the requested extra room in the toebox but I can't find any to try on within a 3-4 hours drive (all of Denmark). Also no WC Fit Lange boots for trying on anywhere in Denmark!
Sure the shop would order a pair for me, if I paid them up front... and that would be at full retail.

As I have seen some rather nice offers on the 2007/2008 World Cup boots I might end up taking a looong shot and order a pair.
My question is if anyone can confirm the following specs I found for the World Cup boots:

I have considered buying a World Cup 130 shell in size 26.0 and getting an Intuition Plug liner heat moulded (unless the boot fits kind of okay).
Would that allow for somewhat more room in the toebox? (would combine with some shell work if I can find an "okay" boot fitter nearby, otherwise I might have to do some work myself)

I guess my 4 options right now are the WC 130 in HP Fit or WC Fit AND 26 or 27 shell size...
As I can't test any of them on, and the prices are low I think I will make a qualified guess and buy one of them and see how it works for me.

Any pointers and advice greatly appreciated...
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5-10mm shell fit is best
get the narrower version, and make it wider.

FYI:  both falcons are the same shape, not sure how they can feel THAT different?

intuitions will help a bit, but about the same thickness as a race boot liner (VERY thin)
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Thanks for the reply..

I might be wrong about which 2010 Falcon model I had on then. It was definetely much more comfy (not good) and the liner thicker and softer.
I doubt the two falcon boots I tried on was build over the same last...
Maybe the Falcon 10 was the 2008 model? It had by far the thinnest and nicest liner of all the boots (in regards to power transmission and feedback). Also they were different in the way that the 2010 model had heat mouldable zones in the shell...

If the Lange WC dimensions I found are correct, I guess I should be able to go with the 8US which would give me 5-6mm shell fit.
Got a feeling I will need to locate a good boot fitter somewhere to make the 95mm last version work in the toebox area though...
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26/26.5 shell the US8 in the lange is 308mm long so a long 26 shell, a bit of work and they should be just fine
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