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Rippin old guy needs advice for new boards

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After a 2 year hiatus I headed to the hill yesterday.  The looks and comments about my gear bummed me out.

"Dude, old school, eh?"
"Dude, you need to go short n shaped." 

Hey Kid...my skis ARE short and shaped!

Compared to the fleet of 207cm race boards I tossed a few years back, my Volkl P50 GS boards, at a puny 188cm, are tiny! (My other pair of skis are a pair of Fischer World Cup GS race boards.)

Now, I wouldn't have gotten so heated if I was rippin up the hill, but my 50 year old knees were screamin at me as I tharashed through the choppy Sunday River crud.  (Too many hard landings jumping the picnic deck at Aspen Highlands as a patrolman in the late seventies!)

So, before I quit for the day disgusted with my performance, I stopped by the baselodge ski shop to whine about my plight.  The young guy felt so bad for me that he went to the basemant and retrieved a year old pair of K2 Recon demo boards.

Compared to my "old school' heavy GS planks, these things were quick, nimble and a ton of fun.  (However, they do suck on the rock-hard, man made stuff).

I went back to the shop and bought em for $200 and had my bindings moved over (I clicked out of the demo binders a bunch of times slamming through the trenches).  I told them to toss the P50's.

My question for the group...What other boards should I look at?
Please suggest some more top, all mountain skis that I should consider.  (last years would be best, so I can pick em up for less $$.)
I am 5'11", 220lbs and I ski fast and hard.  I prefer ripping dynamic carved turns (not long GS turns, but turns that leave ruts!) I enjoy the crud, trail edges and a few bumps.  I ski predominatly frontside, Eastern terrain.

PS  (Oh ya...and my left knee, reinforced with state-of-the-art brace from a 25 year old surgery following reattachment of all 4 ligaments is wicked tired, so lighter is better as far as new boards are concerened.

Thanks for the help.
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I'm 56 and my no new snow, hold like a race ski, dig trenches, kill crud ski is an Elan Mag 12. The more recent incarnation is a Mag 82. There are a couple variations, Ti, Xti. Search Dawgs reviews on them.

In general something low 80's underfoot, 17m ish turn radius should do the trick. Lots of other good choices, Head Monster 88 is another.
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Nordica Doberman GSR

They aren't happy going slow. But,they rip the frontside as well as anything. 

Be forewarned here that some here may have you burned at the stake for throwing away a classic pair of skis.
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