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I am looking for advice on the best ski for me. I grew up skiing in Minnesota thus an   expert on ice and fast hard pack and groomers. Basically bred as GS skier. However, most of my skiing is out west, 10 days a year in all kinds of conditions.
I have two pair of skis. Atomic Beta Rides which are rock steady and fast, and Stockli Snakes for powder, crud and everything except wide open and fast. Unfortunately neither of these skis cross-over very well. The Atomics are a lot of work in the power and they kick my butt in moguls. The Snakes are great in junk and blow through anything, but they have no edge holds and do not hook up or carve, more they are made to skid.  
 I am 5’9 and 150 lbs. Technically very good and depending on my mood ski from very aggressive to laid back. Atomics are 180 and Snakes are 170. 
What I am searching for? If my Snakes carved they would be perfect.

I am stuck on 180ish length. I have skied fast 170 carvers and do not feel comfortable pushing them hard at speed – with 170s I tend to ski at 90% instead of letting them run.  I do not need a “natural carving” ski…more an all mountain ski that can carve and can handle speed.
Any experience or advice is appreciated.