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Anyone skied the new Fischer RX9?

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Just wondering if anyone had input on the new Fischer RX9 (coming out this month in the States, probably available elsewhere since last spring). How does it compare to the RX8? The sidecut is not as aggressive, something like 109/68/99.
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Knowing Fischer it is very likely a high quality ski that does pretty much what they claim-sort of a somewhat detuned GS race ski with a little wider waist for greater off-piste versatility. That is what Fischer USA's recently issued press release suggests.

I have been a Fischer fan for a long time. However, their model lineup is becoming as crowded as Volkl's is and their mid-season releases now resemble Salomon's and K2's marketing practices which have the effect of making last month's "latest and greatest" seem obsolete.

There already is a Fischer RX 4,6,8 sold in the USA and a RX 10 in Canada and Europe soon we are told to be joined by the RX9 ;an FX 7.0, 7.6, 8.6 and 10.6 line to be supplemented by a twin tip FX 8.0 ; the Sceneo 100, 200, 300, 400 500, and 600 (only one Sceneo series ski is sold in the USA while Canada has up to the 500 series level with Japan having a Sceneo 600) not to mention their RC4 race line, miscellaneous "fun carvers", mogul and park skis and snow blades. :

I would like to see Fischer survive in the overcrowded USA market and wish them the best. However, the profusion and confusion generated by so many seemingly marginally differentiated products ultimately may prove unwise for a company like Fischer which in the USA market has long been largely a “word of mouth” brand with a very modest demo program. It is certainly uncharacteristic of Fischer’s past usually clear and logically segmented model lines.

Having finished expostulating on the subject, maybe someone else can provide some actual hard information on the RX 9 itself.
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You are right on the money my friend. They are beginning to have too many skis. Don't forget the Race SC and World Cup RC! The diff between the WC SC and Race SC is a whopping 1 meter in terms of turning radius at a 160 cm length.

I am due to get a pair of the RX9's soon and will pass along my thoughts. I will say I like the RX8's more every time I use them. For a "small" colorado mountain like Eldora the WC SC and RX8 are a great two ski quiver.

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That's what I understand too--a little more waist width, and a little less sidecut than the RX8. The RX9 will fill a gaping hole in Fischer's current line, once filled by the Sceneo 500 that is no longer distributed in the U.S. (for reasons I don't understand). They should be excellent Colorado all-mountain skis.

I look forward to skiing on them!

Best regards,
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