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Question about bindings - Dynastar SkiCross

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Hi! I am hoping that somebody will know the answer to this.

I have recently purchased a pair of next year's Dynastar SkiCross 10 (162), and Look P12 lifter bindings. (Very excited! )

I demo'd a few different skis, including this year's Dynastar SkiCross 9, which I believe, is a little more forgiving.

In the frenzy of bidding on e-Bay for the first time!) to get the 10's and P12's, I ended up with a couple of surplus items:

A pair of the 10's in 178cm (Dynastar seems to think that's the length for me - thank goodness I demo'd again - I could barely control them on the groomers, let alone off-piste! LOL)

A set of Look Nova 11 Air Plus Lifter bindings.

So, anyway... I am so impressed with this line of skis and how they are going to help me improve my skiing technique, that I am thinking of getting a pair of this year's SkiCross 9's for my younger sister, if I see a good price on them.

The question.... Can I put the Nova 11's on the SkiCross 9's?

This would save me some money, if so. Not to mention keep me away from my e-Bay habit.... [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Thanks for any responses!

Tracy [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Ebay Rocks! I can't imagine spending $500 just on skis!
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Originally posted by Need BB:
Ebay Rocks! I can't imagine spending $500 just on skis!
Yup - have to agree with you. I think I am more excited about the awesome price I got for (NEXT year's) SC10's than I am about actually having them.

Found a pair of SC9's in 160 that ends in about 15 minutes - I really do hope that I can use the Nova bindings.... LOL :
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My SkiCross 66's came predrilled for the Look/Rossi Axial style binding. I just screwed them in place, easy as cake.

I don't know what the mounting pattern is for the binding you have. But last time I was in the store, I noticed that newer SkiCross's are not predrilled. If thats the case with yours, any binding will work, you will just have to drill.

You will love that ski, I really liked mine, well before I broke them. Anybody have an extra 66 in a 178 (I only need one)?
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The new SC10's that I got have the autodrive plate which is pre-drilled. From what I can tell, the P12 binding is pretty much the only binding that will fit on there (or, I guess the Rossi equivalent). I don't think the Nova works at all. I am not sure about the 9's though, and I have been unable to find anywhere online that gives ski-binding combos. Since the 9 is a more forgiving ski, the Novas would make sense, if they fit.

Altaskier: Sorry to hear about your 66's! If you want to upgrade to next year's SC10's, (with the cool springy things under the lifter plate at the heel .... lol), I will more than likely be selling on the 178's that I picked up. They have changed the sidecut slightly, but I loved them when I demo'd them.
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The pre-drilled plates on the Dynastar line of skis will only accept Look & Rossi turntable type bindings (PIVOT & AXIAL).
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how much do you want for the 187 sc 10s
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YES, if they are the current(or even last years) Ski Cross 9 you CAN mount the nova or NX stepin on them.
to everybody else why respond if you don't know the right answer...
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Why is everyone responding to a question that was asked nearly 2 years ago?

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