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To the Deer Valley guys...

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Here at Charlotte pass, possibly the smallest ski school in the world, some of the guys would like to say "g'day" to their colleagues back in Utah.
Evan and Nick B are flapping their paws at you.
Nick B heads back to Uni next week, but Evan's here for the duration, as usual.

question to Ydnar, which one are you? The guys reckon there's 2 of you...

(btw, it's still snowing. my level 5 kids learned powder today).

(bbtw, small as-in just nudging double figures! true!)
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Also please be nice to my instructor who is changing 'summer' jobs & coming to work with you guys this year
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I'm the fat, old one that wants to talk about skiing all the time.

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Ant- Say hi to Shannon if he's there again this season.
Tell him there is a great job waiting for him in Vail , if he wants it! (Now that Club Med has closed)

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Ydnar, that'll narrow it down! Actuallly the boss isn't talking to us right now, we had a huge ski school riot in our hallway last night, snow fights, wrecked beds, you name it.

Which leads me to the next one: no Shannon is not back, but they awarded his Club Med fleece to one of the Canadian lads, for being the handsomest guy in the village. It was he who went head first into the large foam box full of snow, breaking it, and starting our huge riot!
Charlotte lost most of its ski school, as last year about now, someone put solvent down the drain, and killed off the sewerage system, so the village had to close. So most didn't return.

I like those Deer valley gloves they give out. I hear the uniform is about to improve, too.
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Yes, we get new uniforms this year but they'll still be green and probably about as flashy as a undertakers pajamas.

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