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Snowbasin ski school for kids

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Anyone have any experience or knowledge of Snowbasins kids ski school programs?  We're considering a family ski trip to the SLC area for Spring break and are interested in Snowbasin.  I have a 6 year old daughter and a 9 year old son.  Last season the 6 year old skied the easiest blue terrain at Breckenridge and the 9 year old skis just about all the blue non-moguled terrain at Breck.  We also have a 1 year old who will be in daycare.  Snowbasin has some of the better rates for kids ski school and childcare compared to the other SLC area resorts.  Thanks!
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My kids were a little older when we skied Utah, but I know that Snowbasin was there favorite.  It is nice because an intermediate could easily take the gondola to the top and have their choice of the many intermediate slopes to find their way down.  Plus, Snowbasin has the nicest amenities in Utah, (and that includes Deer Valley IMHO).
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Hi Prosper,

My biased opinion is that the Snowbasin Snowsports programs for your kids would be a good choice.  The Grizzley Cubs program for your daughter {5 & 6 year olds} provide small groups in either an all day w/lunch or 1/2 day.  The program supervisor is an ACE III (Acredited Children's Educator level 3) as well as PSIA LIII certified.  Most of the instructors have at least an ACE I & PSIA LI.

Your 9 year old would fit into the Youth ski program (ages 7-12).  He could also do either 1/2 day or full day w/lunch.

The Daycare facility which is also located adjacent to the Children's Center is top notch & state licsensed.  Capacity is limited, so make sure you call ahead for reservations.

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