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Flu Remedies???? HELP!!

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I have had the flu for 3 days now... I need help. Just ate some raw garlic and had two hot totties yesterday. What else can I do??

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Vitamin D
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For congestion a doc friend of mine taught me to boil a large heavy pot full of water. sit with your face over it with a towel over your head, and breath steam. . for stomache, don't bother to eat, or try to do the infant BRAT diet. banana, rice, applesauce,toast.   sucks anyhow.
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Sorry to say, but there is no cure for the flu.  It needs to run it's course.  If you're in the 1st 36 hours or so of the symptoms taking an antiviral medication such as Tamiflu (by prescription only) might shorten the course by 1-2 days and/or lessen the severity of the symptoms.  Since the flu is a virus, antibiotics do nothing.  I usually recommend treating the symptoms you're having.  If you have a fever that is making you uncomfortable and/or having body aches take an antipyretic/analgesic such as acetaminophen (500 to 1000mg every 6 hours with no more than 4000mg per day) or ibuprofen (600mg every 6 hours).  If you have cough, take a cough syrup.  If you're having lots of nasal and sinus congestion, take a decongestant.  Drink plenty of non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated fluids and rest.  While you can't really make the symptoms go away faster, you can certainly prolong them if you continue to stress your body.  Also, to prevent the spread of your flu, you as well as everyone you live with should wash your hands a lot, don't share drinks, food, eating utensils, cups, etc, and try not to touch your face.  Hope you feel better soon.
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Chicken Soup

Hot drinks!  To feel better while you recoup.  Chicken soup has been show in studies to help with most symptoms, inflamation and breaks up chest congestion.  The sooner you feel better the sooner life gets back to normal!  Hope you enjoy it.
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What makes me feel better.

Good ol' chicken noodle soup.  "homestyle from cambels"
sprite, 7up, or other clear soda
More strange is sitting in a comfy chair outside under direct sunlight.  For some reason this makes me feel much better.
For sore throat sip on 100% aloe vera.  (make sure it has nothing else in it)
Another non-alcoholic drink is my version of spiced tea (1cup sugar, 1cup Tang, 1/4cup instant cafinated tea, sprinkle of cinnimon)
Mix with hot water of course.
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Tom Yum soup... good for colds and flu's
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If you need decongestants, most OTC brands, for example, Sudafed PE, now contain phenylephrine.  I find the stuff pretty much worthless.  You have to show an ID to buy the original Sudafed containing pseudoephedrine (because it can be used to manufacture meth) but it is still available OTC.  I find it so much more effective, I go thru the trouble to buy that instead, actually the cheaper store-brand generic version.  Most of the shotgun medicines like Nyquil will also contain, the IMNSHO,  phenylephrine.
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vit C, lots of water- lots like at least 72 oz per day, drink green tea or red tea. Also, did you ever try a nettie pot for congestion?  Make sure you are eating enough as well. You have to feed the furnace.   No coffee or alchohol.  I always like the Theraflu stuff, knocks you out cold so you can sleep.  Chest congestion? Try Mucinex.

this is from WebMD
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