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Bent edge...repair or leave it?

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Hi, I got a dinged up/bent edge on my 3rd day out on my brand new skis . The length of the bent edge is ~ 1.5in. (its out of plane with the rest of the edge for 1.5in.). The skis are Blizzard Titan Cronus which have a sandwich sidewall construction. In the bent edge spot the entire sidewall above it is shifted upward so that with a finger over the top sheet in that spot you can feel a slight rise. There is no separation forming between the base and the edge...yet. There is also no separation visible on the sidewall or topsheet. I will use the skis edge as the outside edge from now on and will keep an eye on it for any separation, but should I pursue getting the bent back to be in plane with the rest of the edge by a ski tech?

here's two pictures:

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You can fix that yourself. Carefully trim back the sidewall over the edge enough to get a flat blade screwdriver on the compressed area, place the ski on something sturdy and tap the edge down and straight, lay some epoxy in to replace the removed phenolic sidewall section. Done.
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If it were my ski, I'd live with it the way it is. You won't notice the damage when you ski it. Unless its your inside edge and your hammering away on ice.

Whiteroom suggests a good solution. Done well, it will be almost as good as new. Done poorly, it could invite delamination. Or worse, you might break the edge while you tap down on it.

If this is your first edge repair, you might want to try on another ski to practice/learn. A ski shop probably has some broken skis lying around they'd let you have.
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I beleve that is called a: compression

because of the stress to the sidewall, I'd say you have to  prevent water getting into what I suppose is a wood core..., or you're f'd for certain..

now there are three divergent opinions,
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I suggested doing nothing as an option because the sidewall doesn't look compromised so delmaination might be avoided simply by leaving it as is. Straightening the edge would probably open a void in the sidewall which would have to be filled with epoxy as Whiteroom suggested. Its pretty sketch either way.

I don't buy new, so any ski I do this kind of damage to rarely has cost more than $100.00. Just to put my 'If it were my ski...' response in perspective.
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