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Warmer Long Johns with Big Butts

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I needed some thicker long johns for when its really cold.  I was happy with my thick Hot Chili top so I got their pants.  Unfortunately, I found the Hot Chili pants that were made with the same material were designed to fit butts much bigger than mine.  The result is there's a ton of extra material which bulks up inside my ski pants.  Any suggestions for a pair of really warm long johns that aren't made for big butts would be appreciated.
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 I love my snow Angles but not sure they make them for men 
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

 I love my snow Angles but not sure they make them for men 

This post is useless without pictures
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I use stretch fleece pants, which are more like fleece tights. I bought mine a number of years ago from Kevin at PHD. I don't think Kevin sells this brand anymore but I would bet he has something similar. If not REI has some stretch fleece pants.
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Originally Posted by davluri View Post

This post is useless without pictures
I will not admit nor deny that there are any such pics 
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Men's Capilene® 4 Bottoms

Style No. 43505
Stay dry and warm in this stretch baselayer designed for high-output, stop-and-go activities in cold weather.
This garment has a Slim Fit


They also sell These (But i have never owned them

Men's Merino 4 Bottoms

Style No. 37701
Super warm, 100% chlorine-free merino wool for stop-and-go activities in cold to very cold weather.

I do know that my Pataguchi stuff has lasted longer than pretty much anything else I have purchased

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Thanks for the suggestions.  I have no qualms wearing women's underwear, I mean women's long underwear, if they fit properly.  Besides the discomfort, at my age I need to make sure there isn't any extra bulk in my pants to ensure I don't get accused of wearing 'Depends'.
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Hot Buns:

you can wear em over or under your ski pants, depending on fit...
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Warmest material is down.  Doubt that's required but it is an option.  Second and my favourite is merino wool and I strongly favour Icebreaker for the brand.  "260 wt legless" (cut short midcalf so you don't get the bunching at your boot/ankle interface).  260's their warmest for leggings.  FWIW, I was never into wool at all until 14 mos ago...tried Merino when I was out of town for a spell and it was very cold and my jacket was inadequate..... I now wear Merino 95% of the time for all but pants.  Exceptional comfort/compatibility with breathability and is NOT cold when it's wet.  I wear it as my baselayer from hot downhill mountainbiking to standing in a river fishing with ice floating on by in the winter.  Icebreaker is a more athletic fit but my 6' 200 frame with 15-20 lbs right at my belly button fits it fine.

I prefer backcountry.com for my merino/many purchases, easy to exchange if sizing's funny and if somethings defective and you discover it 2 yrs down the road they'll exchange/return/refund easily.  Some site sponsors may carry it as well.
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smartwool, and some companies from New Zealand, where the sheep are oh so soft. uh, oh!       
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As a "dyed-in-the-wool" anti-wool guy who finds even cashmere irritating, I thought I'd throw another synthetic option in the ring:
Ounce for ounce, the warmest material for fitted bottom layers is Polartec's Power Stretch fleece.
Mountain Hardwear does a fantastic job of making trim-fitting Power Stretch bottom layers, and for my 6-1", 170lb frame, their fit is superior in comfort and function to Patagonia:
Here are the tights:
Froogle is showing about $50 street.

Down is great as an insulator for outer- or mid-layers, but I couldn't imagine wanting that kind of bulk on my legs unless I was trying to summit Everest!
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