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I ski enough boilerplate that I am in need of a carver that just grips like ice skates.  I'm not interested in true race skis, I want a little more versatility and bump performance.  I have skis that excel in soft snow.  My progressors are pretty much dead and I think I'm off the Fischer bandwagon.  I gave my RX8's to my friend, they just didn't cut it for me.  I'm really intrigued by the Elan speedwave 14's.  I'm a big guy and a high-level skier.  I know how to bend a ski.  I am willing to buy used as well so maybe some old head supershapes or monsters?  What else out there short of a true slalom ski holds on the ice and can still ski ok in the bumps?

I know, demo demo demo.  Not much of an option for that around here.