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Anyone hear of the the Rosignol Competition 41 and know anywhere in the US to purchase it?

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Hi everyone. 

I haven't posted yet this year but I'm just looking for skis to take to Utah for the bears meet up there and I'm seriously considering the above.  They are based on the Rosignol Bandit B2.  They have an awesome retro look of hickory wood and the old (1940's) rossi emblem.  The B2 looks like a pretty suitable all mountain ski which favours mid to larger radius turns (http://www.ski-review.com/content/view/443/30/).  The side cut (116-78-105).  50/50 on and off piste.  I have always used a slalom race ski by choice but out west all those turns are a little much and something a little wider under foot will be nice, though I made out fine in Vail last year, I can see the benefit of a ski to compliment my existing Dynastar ST10.  I wouldn't want to go any fatter then this, sounds like a nice ski to use here in the east on a snow day or in the moguls also.

So what I'm looking for is....has anyone ever seen the Rosignol Competition 41 ski for sale in the US.  Right now I have seen it one spot and can't find it on line or a review.  It's available at Sporting Life in Canada, for $649.00cdn (about equal right now and lowered from 1285.00cdn), with the Axiom 120 binding, and it is their staff that tell me it is the Bandit B2 ski with the retro look.  To get it in time for Utah I'd have to get this shipped to my mother's and then get to Canada and physically pick it up (too much of a possible pain to ship it through customs).  I have also placed a call to Rossignol to ask if they made it for any other retailers.  It's such a pretty ski that if the price is comparable to other's I am considering'  I would really like this ski.  Yes yes, I know, I won't buy it just for the look, but it really does meet the criteria I'm searching for in a second ski.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

Again the ski is called the

Rosignol Competition 41, looks retro, with the old rossi emblem, and a hickory inlaid wood top coat.

OH I should probably note i'm 5'5", 140lbs and the ski I found is the 158, I'd kind of like the 166 for out west also, but the 158 is still appropriate.  I'm also an expert skier as far ski levels goes.
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Hey if it looks cool they must be good to ski on??? LOL
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Bah you just don't want me spending anymore of your money Old Boot.  .......they're functional too!  I'm a believer, the ski gods would not have stopped us at the that store when I needed skis of those weren't meant to be!
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Naw but I did see laminate flooring cheep at Home depot!!
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 You can find info on what is probably the ski you are looking at under "Olymipique 41"

from skiinghistory.org/100rossignol.html

"To celebrate its 100th Anniversary, Rossignol built a limited number of skis using Olympique 41 and Strato topskins on modern non-racing B2 and B3 structures—they are shaped, aluminum- reinforced, foam-core, cap-top high performance recreational skis, mid-fat and fat skis respectively. These are skis for today, with tops from the past—symbolic, perhaps, of the brand’s uncertain future "

Looks like they are probably from 2008 -- if that is what they are, they ought to give you a pretty good discount.

Oh, and none of the search results I found were from the US.  So they may not have sold it here.
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Wow, good information.  I would really love the skis but I've decided since I didn't purchase them when I was up in Canada on the weekend, it's a bit  un-feasable for me to get them before Utah now.  So I ordered the Wild Thang from Level Nine sports, so I can pick it up out there, not have to fly with it and have them ship it to me back here when I'm done skiing for the week.  It's a similar ski to the B2 from what I can read on each.  Thank you very much for finding the information.  The discount is from 1285 (binding included), to 649.00.  Not a bad price for such a unique ski.  If it had been feasible to get them picked up before going to Utah I would have paid it.  I'll probalby have a look next time up maybe they'll really blow them out then, but it's a really good price for a ski in Canada and I imagine someone will look up info and pick them up when they see what ski it is.
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 Hi  lady_Salina,
The Olympique 41 was available in the US. In fact REI even had them on their website at one point. If I remember correctly, with the limited edition ski, they even included a single non ski-able retro ski in the package  for display purposes. 
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Just remembered, ski offered in 2 sizes. Shorter ski was offered with axiom binding and longer version was offered with axial binding. 
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Well that's helpful too, I can look up the Olympique 41 also for purchase.  I still really want this ski, the more I read the better.  It's exactly the ski I was looking for;  something for out west when I head there, but not too fat so it's usuable east.  If the girl at the shop had only known a little more info on the ski ;0(, I would have bought it then. 
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