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Big Sky Christmas-New Years

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Another family ski vacation in Big Sky for the week between Christmas and New years. We've probably been there for 10 years in a row and 16 out of the last 20. The weather and skiing were both good with all lifts and 93% of the mountain open. Big Sky does not get the 2 to 3 feet of fresh snow weekly that some resorts claim but we've never been there when there was not enough good snow to have plenty of mountain to ski-even at Christmas. It usually adds up to close to 400 inches of total snow so it must come more frequently but in smaller amounts at BS. This year was no exception. It had not snowed for several days when we started on the 27th but we still had good coverage and plenty of places to find soft bumps and loose snow in the trees all over the mountain.
Big Sky is a rocky mountain. We saw a lot of folks on older skinny (70-80) skis. Probably saving their fat skis for fresh snow or fewer rocks. It did snow 4 to 6 inches on the 30th - 31st. This softened up the groomed slopes considerably and filled in the troughs between the bigger bumps. We'll be back out in March and probably for closing week too. If conditions are as usual the snow conditions will be better in April than December.
Food report: The Cabin was again our favorite for dinner and the Deli in the Moonlight lodge continues to be the best food on the mountain for lunch. We did not make it to the new Shedhorn Yurt but we'll try it next trip.
As usual, no lift lines of significance at any time all week anywhere except the Tram.
Almost impossible to find a new ski on the wall under 80mm at the waist and the majority were over 90mm. My guess is it's part marketing and partly everyone already has a set of old "midfats" or "all mountain" sksi from a few years back that they use early in the year when the cover isn't perfect. In years past these might have been called their "rock skis". Now they're just their early season skis to use when the cover isn't the best and the powder isn't the deepest. Also remember that BS is a mountain where you may be in the Tram line with a guy in a Carhartt jacket and K2 four skis after geting 12 inches of fresh snow overnight. A lot of the local BS crowd just does not care much about equipment - they're too busy skiing.
Overall another great family trip to Big Sky.
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 I love BigSky!  Must get back there for a vacation really soon!
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Steve -

On one of your trips to SW Montana you should come slummin' at Bridger Bowl.  For the third year in a row the coverage at Xmas break was good enough that you can get a day's skiing in without hitting any rocks (if you know you where to go.)  I'll give you a tour.
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I'll give a hearty recommendation's to Rio's tours -- haven't had the pleasure of the Bridger Tour yet, but he did a great job leading a diverse group around Big Sky before the last ESA.

Thanks again Rio
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I'm going to take you up on that soon. My experience wandering around Bridger was great so I'd love to have some insight from someone who knows their way around. One thing I liked about Bridger was how everything was laid out in a way that even a flat-lander like me could understand.
Every trip I plan to do more "different stuff" while on vacation but once I get everything unloaded, with a ski run out my back door, (Arrowhead) I end up taking the path of least resistance. Walk out, click in, ski, ski, ski, ski, click out, collapse with a glass of wine, then repeat.
Looks like you got more snow recently so the year is off to a great start all around.

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