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Skis for my Dad

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He's looking for an intermediate ski for groomers- no bumps, powder, jumps, trees.

Just a decent ski for carving on groomers.

He's looking for a ski under 700 dollars, and has narrowed it down to the K2 Ranger, Atomic Smoke, and Volkl AC20.

Which one would fit best, and is there another ski in this range he should look at?
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Maybe the Atomic Nomad Blackeye or Dynastar Contact 10.
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That seems like a pretty easy slot to fill. And the year wouldn't matter. Try e-bay and you won't have to spend more than 400 bucks. Get anything with around a 75 waist, not more than a difference of 45mm between the waist and the tip, and medium flex. AC 20, Rossi Phantom 75 or something, Fisher, Dynastar and so on. K-2's lack of rebound energy is boring and tiring. Don't know the Smoke at all. I just have to help a kid that helps his dad
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