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Rime removal video from Mt. Bachelor.

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It takes a lot of work to get a lift working after a storm.   Just thought some might find this interesting.  

I've not done this before, so I hope it works.


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here ya go J...
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Yes, I see I miss spelled video.  I can't seem to change that now.  I tried to clear the deal, but I can't do it.  
Anyway it's a good video.
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Slider, you are fast!   I'm not so good with these machines!   Be good!
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Thats a great video. It really shows what the crews here in the NW need to do to get the higher lifts running after a storm. I know Timberline on Mt. Hood completly shuts down the Palmer lift during the winter months and instead opts to run a snow-cat on some days. It's just too exposed and ices up too often to be really viable.
I have heard so much crying about lifts not being open because people think that the resort is just lazy. Most people have no idea what a good storm here in the NW does to facilities on the mountains.
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