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Line Prophet v. Volkl Mantra

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I was wondering if someone who has skied both the Line Prophet (100 or 90) and the Volkl Mantra could give me the pros and cons of each, and where you would prefer one vs. the other.  I'm having a tough time choosing b/c I cannot find a local shop to demo the Line, though I can demo the Mantra.

From my reading so far, I get the impression that the Mantras are more beastly (super stable and rip the groomers), do decently well in the powder, and are fairly quick turning, whereas the Line Prophet 100 do better in the powder, turn quicker, but don't have the groomer performance of the Mantras.  Both skis have a bunch o metal in their construction, and are torsionally stable, with the Line being more forgiving.  Is my assessment correct?

FYI, I'm 5'10", 180 lbs, and am looking to get two new rigs: one for backcountry (lighter setup most likely with Dynafits... was thinking Volkl Nanuq) and one for the resort and sidecountry (heavier OK and will mount with the Marker Baron).

Other skis: I had also looked at the Gotamas, but decided against them because I don't get the impression that they do very well on groomers, and I'm also not so sure about reverse camber (rocker) skis.  Atomic Snoop was another one I was considering, but cannot find much in terms of people who've skied it or a local shop to demo it.

Okay... so your thoughts are much appreciated!  Thanks in advance...
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Slight aside:  are you aware of the DynaDukes?

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Yep, I am, and I weigh 180 pounds.  In short, no point to the Dukes other than extra $ and extra weight.  I usually set my DINs at about 8 or 9....

EDIT: wait no I'm not!  Hadn't seen that.  Read it first as Dukes... reading that link now....
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Will this void your warranty for them?  How much weight do they add?

Originally Posted by DtEW View Post

Slight aside:  are you aware of the DynaDukes?

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Howdy, I just spent at day on Mantras at Wolf Creek. They twizzled my retro brain a bit. I'm 5'6" 140 lbs and a pretty good skier. I was on 170 Mantras. They were very good on groomers. I didn't notice the width much at all. It took a couple runs to figure out how to keep the inside ski on edge (the 1000 steps drill helped the most). I thought the Mantras were completely acceptable in the bumps. Again, I had a little trouble with the width, and both of my ski boots got gouged a bit because I just couldn't adopt a wide stance in the bumps.

Wolf Creek got about 9" of powder the day before I skied and I was able to find several areas of untracked snow to play in. Out in the open they really ripped. I found they liked to be skied with the same technique as on the groomers. It was the first time I ever experienced doing GS style turns in knee deep snow. I thought "wow, this is what the hype is about for wide skis".

In the trees, however, I didn't ski as well. I have what I consider a rational fear of having my ski tips go under something unseen in the snow, and me breaking my legs. So, in situations where I think that might happen, I like to see, in my peripheral vision, that the tips are close enough to the surface to at least disturb the snow. The Mantras didn't like that at all. I had to be too much in the back seat to have tips up where I wanted them. When I wasn't driving the shovels, the tips would hook and throw me around. I knew the skis would respond better if I really drove them, but when I did the tips would disappear into the unknown depths. I kept thinking that there was a tightrope were there was enough pressure on the shovels to make the skis happy but the tips would still float, but I never found it.

I've not skied the Lines, so I can't make any kind of comparison.
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IMO, your assessment of the two skis is fairly close. I have owned two Mantras over the last four years but never really warmed to them. I currently have a P-100 in my rather extended quiver and much prefer it. My impression of the Mantra is that it just too stiff particularly in the rear two thirds or so of the ski. The result has been sub par soft snow performance for a ski of that width. (at least for my tastes). OTH, the P-100 is a very nice balance of overall flex, torsional flex and dampening. Despite the additional width and length, the Prophet/186 is more nimble and playful in mixte salad conditions than my two Mantras/184 were. I have been on the Blizzard Atlas pretty extensively so far this year and prefer that one over the Mantra as well.

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I cant speak to the Prophet 100 but I have the 90's and have skied my buddy's Mantras.  They both have impressive edge grip.  I feel like the Mantras will accept a wider variety of turn shapes without protest than the P90s.  This is important to me.  More importantly, I found the P90s unpleasant in bumpy off piste terrain.  This isn't to say it's a bad powder ski at all. There is a price to pay for its stiffness, though.  I haven't skied the Mantras in that kind of terrain but my buddy seems to do just fine.

Oh, yeah, my P90s are a 186 and the Mantras I've skied were a 177.  That could certainly influence my experience.
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Thanks for your replies.... I'm leaning towards getting the P100 w/ Barons, but will wait and see who else pops up in here to give some thoughts...
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I've owned the Mantra and own the Gotama. Both are great skis and can carve on groomed snow. Mantra is better on gromed of course but not by a ton. The Mantra was a very good bump ski for me and was amazing in crud. The only down side for me was the Mantra gets hooky in deep pow.
I will buy another pair of Mantras some day. Maybe when I go fatter than the Goats.
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Have you skied the Line Prophet 100 or Karhu Team 100 (same ski)?  How would you compare the two?
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Originally Posted by agustaf2 View Post

Will this void your warranty for them?  How much weight do they add?

Um, the first post in the link says ~100g per binding.  It is probable that they would void your warranties just-because, but note that these were designed by a mechanical engineer, so your odds are good that they're not inherently defective.
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I have skied both and believe the P 100 to be a better all around ski.  It is just about as good as the Mantra on the groom, but quite a bit better and a lot more fun than the Mantra on anything soft. The 100 is a great all mountain ski.

I own the 100 after having test driven and experienced the Mantra as well as a few other skis...
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Hokiesnow thanks so much!  I think I can find a deal on the Karhu Team 100 so I'll probably go with that.  Or maybe I can find one on last years Line Prophet 100...

Cheers to someone who has skied them both...
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