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Coomback or P100. What length?

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Happy New Year Epic skiers!

I'm looking for a pair of mid fats ~ 100mm to complement my Nordica Nitrous Ca 78mm, 170cm. I'm 5'11", 186lbs, level 6 and ski mostly in the PNW. I want to venture off-piste more, but my 78mm skis tend to sink in fresher/deeper snow. I need a forgiving ski, so this is what I'm considering:
-the K2 Coomback, based on the reviews from Ski / Skiing Magazines; they rated it as forgiving
-Line Prophet 100, based on the frequent attribute "turny" on the reviews here on epicski 
What length would you recommend? 174 or 181 for K2? 172 or 179 for P100? I may be able to demo the K2 in 181cm, but none of the other combos.

I would also appreciate any info that would help me break the tie between these 2 models.

Many thanks!
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I Ski the Prophets in the PNW. I may be biased. But I'm so in love with mine it's ridiculous. I'm on the 172's but I'm wishing I had the 179's now. The Coomback does have a rockered tip that the Prophet doesn't have. I had a shop employee try to sell me the Coomback 2 days ago when I was shopping around for a dedicated powder ski. But I couldn't justify buying a 102 waist when 100 is my daily driver already.
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181 coomba,  Has newer technology  with tip rocker then the P100, and with rocker you can/need to go a bit longer too.
I have the 188 coomback as a daily driver, and find them very easy to use (5'10 and #155)
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5'10" 180#
I have the P100 in a 179. They're stable enough, but they ski a bit short.
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IMO,Go wider.  If you are only running 2 skis this season, and one is 78mm underfoot, and you are looking for powder performance, I would say you should shoot for a "versatile" true powder ski...something that will keep you afloat in even the deepest conditions, but also excel at skied out powder, crud, etc.  Some that have been received well around here are:
Dynastar Huge Trouble (Sixth Sense Huge)
Line Sir Francis Bacon
Elan 1010
Salomon Czar
or rockered hybrid :
Rossignol S7
Armada JJ

Not sure about the Coomback, but the P100 is more of a wide all-mountain ski, in the vein of a Nordica Enforcer, Volkl Gotama, etc. There's not much that it can do that some of these versatile fatties can not, but its powder performance will be on a clear level below.
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