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Mogul Logic DVD

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Does anyone own the "Mogul Logic" DVD? If anyone has any experience with it or the camp and could chime in that would be great.

Also, if not the Mogul Logic DVD is there any others that are recommended?

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It's some great information about bump skiing that you can get much of it on you tube for free.

Go to youtube and punch in mogul logic.
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 I have looked at all the Mogul Logic clips on youtube and although they are certainly helpful and informative they really don't go into much depth on any one particular subject. I'm hoping that the DVD is much more thorough?  Any other experiences?

Thanks . 
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Hang with the guys at mogulskiing.net. Lots of good info there. I'm a self taught bumper from the 70's and never cared much for video instruction. did a few day camps over the years. Nelson Carmichael in Steamboat gave me some breakthrough tips. Of the videos, Mogul logic is the best jmho. I'm not big on anyone capitalising on information that should be free to those who want to learn. Find some good bumpers and hang with them. Hands on experience is the best way to learn. jmho
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I have the Mogul Logic VHS which I was told got converted over to DVD. The youtube clips are summaries of techniques explained in the VHS/DVD. In the later, Chuck does a great job of breaking down the techs and showing its revelance in mogul skiing (meaning not skiing around the bumps but mogul skiing). IMO, he does a great job in breaking down in general, look at his web site clips on the Fin's tech and Mayer's stack position. You will get this level of detail in his DVD.

If you want to improve your mogul skiing, I think getting lessons or camps from mogul coaches is best, but Chuck's DVD can help. It will certainly help in filtering out the self promotion or marketing factors that seems so prevalent in the net.

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 Thanks for the info. 
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