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Spring Break Ski Trip?

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We are considering a ski trip for spring break and I'd love some input.  I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old who have not seen real snow (other than the 2 times it barely snowed here) much less been on skis.  Their goal is to see and play in the snow with learning to ski being secondary.  I have been skiing before but it's been a LONG time - maybe 16 years!!  My spouse has never been skiing.

We live in Texas and will be driving.  I've been looking at resorts in NM as they appear to be closer.  Red River seems pretty low key, family friendly and inexpensive.  I was also looking at Wolf Creek as it would be closer than other Colorado resorts and I visited when I was a kid.  It also seems less expensive.

Any suggestions?  I'm not opposed to going further into Colorado but it seems like NM is way cheaper.  Are we going to regret going skiing during spring break?  Are the crowds going to be too much?  Is skiing still ok/is there enough snow during spring break?  Our spring break is the week of March 15.

Any tips would be appreciated!!
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If you want to get some turns in check the ski school first.  Find one that will take care of the kids.
Check and make sure the ski school has good hours for drop off and pick up including lunch.

Taos, great service for putting the kids in ski school.  All day including lunch and rentals is at a fair price, instructors are awsome, entertainment for the little ones is wonderful.  While most kids cry when you drop them off, mine cried when I picked her up, she wanted to stay.  Great lessons for you and the wife also. 

Wolf Creek, you have to pick them up for lunch.  They did a good job of teaching tho and my daughter liked it.

Ski Apache, sucks, expensive 1 1/2 hour lessons, plus lift ticket, plus rentals, no lunch.  Found my daughter dehydrated and burnt after her lesson.

Not sure about Red River or others but it is easy to check ski school on the web.

I would also recommend staying at a resort where you are at the mountain that way the wife or kids can stay in the room or go to the room if they are not wanting to ski.  Does not have to be ski in ski out but should be easy walking distance from the slope or a short shuttle ride.   If staying in town they would have to sit in the bar or car waiting for you to get some turns in.

Spring break in NM is fine, not overcrowded but I would make reservations ASAP.

P.S. You will find me the wife and my daughter in Taos end of March for spring break.
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