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Quad Burn: a tale of two boots

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Would appreciate your thoughts on quad burn I get while in my new Nordica Doberman's, but significantly less with my Dalbello Krypton Pro's.

Me: 53 yo. 45 year skier. Level 9 (according to instructors). New England skier. Ski quiver - All Blizzard - Supersonic, Titan Cronus, Argos. 
Boots: 07-08 Krypton Pro's (306mm) 
          08-09 Nordica Doberman 130 Pro's (305mm)
          Shell fit (both boots) 10-12mm
Feet: Total chicken - could easily be in 95mm last. Both boot very comfortable in a blood pressure cuff sort of way.
Liner: Nordica lace up race liner (use same one in both boots)
Footbed: Aline - fitted by local boot guy

For the past two years I was in the Krypton Pro's. Bought an Intuition liner which several fitters beat to crap trying to get rid of toe crunch. Turns out it was just too small. Gave up on the boots for that reason. 
This season picked up a pair of Doberman 130 Pro's. Replaced stock liners with a pair of old Nordica leather lace ups I had from Tecnica XT 17's I had. Superb fit and feel.

Started the season with the Doberman's. Had a fair amount of quad burn which I attributed to early season acclimation. But after two days of increasing misery, put the leather liners in the Kryptons and skied them for the rest of the week. Immediately noticed significantly less quad burn (which I could not attribute to just getting stronger). 
So I am thinking there is a geometry thing going on. I do know that the Krytps are a more upright boot - which helps me stand taller and unload the quads. So the forward stance of the Doberman cuff may be the place to start. Not sure how the ramp angles compare. And because I was using both boots with the same skis, the delta's are a constant. Otherwise, my alignment, side to side, is excellent - flat tracking skis and can turn and release in both directions equally well.
I would really like to get the Doberman's dialed in. What a wonderful boot. I have never been in one that gives such amazing feedback and is so quick. The Krypts seem, well, rather clunky in comparison.
Appreciate any suggestions.
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fore/aft balance is the key that you will need to unlock the quad burn situation. could be in the angle of the zeppa, FL of the cuff, FL of the lower, height of the cuff combined with the FL of boot, flex of the boot ( too soft or too stiff combined with the other fore/aft elements), delta angle ( on boot sole or on binding), etc, etc.

i know you think that your lateral alignment is a ok, however sometimes lateral alignment differences will be part of the cause/effect of excessive tension on the quads.

good luck,

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Put the rear of the bootsole against a wall and measure to the inside of the shell (pull teh liner out)of the Dobie then the Dalbello---how much difference is there?  Also the diameter of your calf when compaired to the generic skier the boot was designed around comes into play as to forward lean. 
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miketsc, thanks for yours. I think I get the test - to see see the forward lean of the two boots? I will make this measurement.
I should have mentioned that I have chicken shins/calves to go along with with the chicken feet. I use a Booster strap under the shell to keep the tongue as secure as possible - but I do notice some forward movement before the shin engages with the tongue. This was not an issue with the Intuition liners I had in the Krypts, probably due to the overlapping design. If I recall there is some sort of tongue "shim". No? 
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