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Junior boots

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Just posted the following in the ski gear forum...realized I should have posted it here too.

My 7 yr old daughter is becoming quite the little ripper. She's parallel and not stemming turns anymore, except on pretty steep pitches; she's pole planting properly...can ski pretty tough stuff under control, carving more and more and skidding less and less. She seems like a natural (or at least this proud father likes to see it that way!) Most important, she loves it.

Anyway, one thing holding her back a bit is that she doesn't seem to be able to flex her boots much so she gets in the backseat. Until recently I just wrote that off as legacy of the snowplow. But she really cannot flex the boots. They are quite soft junior boots (Rossignol J3), so I'm not sure if the problem is boot stiffness or anatomy/stance/alignment that gives her little leverage (I suspect the latter). And I'm sure all kids this size (she's only 47" and 43 lbs) have some of this issue. But even her little 4.5 yr old brother who is quite a bit smaller and not nearly as good a skier yet has a much better stance/posture over his skis and can flex his boots (which is why I suspect her issue is a fore-aft alignment issue more than a mere stiffness of the boot issue).

So, I'm wondering if anyone out there has good knowledge of the kids boots out there -- she's only a size 18.5, maybe about ready to go to 19.5. I know we need to have her try on a few things that have different ramp angles, cuff heights etc and maybe even see a good fitter to find something that works for her anatomy. But maybe there are a few kids models that are known to be more well designed than others that should be at the top of the list so I can find dealers that carry them? Are there any experts on fitting and alignment for young kids? Seems like the whole industry just kind of views kids this age/size as not needing sophisticated or performance-oriented gear, no doubt b/c very few parents see it otherwise, know enough to care, or have young kids who can really ski well enough for it to matter.

Anyway, any guidance is much appreciated.

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finding a softer boot sounds like the best option?  or making what she has softer?

alignment is usually not adjusted for kids as they change so much, so fast.  Plus are VERY flexiable, and can adapt to changes well.

can you try on some other Jr boots to see if she can flex them anybetter?
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if the boot is really a jr3 that is an 80 flex boot that only goes down to a 267mm BSL which is the equivalent of a 22 mondopoint shell.

if it is a rossi jr1 in close to the correct size, you would be nearer to the center of the target. that is a 60 flex boot that is more or less the state of the art for junior rippers.

the basic rules of fore/aft apply, however little rippers are so adaptable and rubbery (think of jello that is not yet set ) that messing with FL, heel height, etc, could have normal effect, could be a crap shoot.

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It's the Fungirl 3 .... Actually the boys version which I only different in color, but it's listed as a 30 flex so should be very soft, no?
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yes, fungirl 3 is a toy. the first real boot for rippers is going to be the rossi radical jr 1. it goes down to a 19 mondo shell 240mm BSL.

also look at the lange team 7 or older version the team 50. which goes down to a 17 mondo. it is the exact same shell as the rossi radical jr1 or lange team 60, only dowsized with 1 cuff buckle instead of 2.

fit, flex, and angles appropriate for j6's thru j5's.

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