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Fischer progressor 8 compared to ...

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I was just wondering how much more stiff the Atomic LT and ST are compared to the Fischer Progressor 8

Thank you

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Dunno. I never have been on the LT or ST. I have the Progressor 8 and RX8 and can only compare those.

The progressor 8 is not super stiff but is on the stiffer side of skis I have been on in the past. The tip is relatively soft but the body and tail are pretty solid. It does not tolerate fore-aft balance errors as well as the RX8. The 8 also is very confidence-inspiring when the speed picks up a bit. They pretty much go where you point them and stay there. None of the twitching and general wobbles that can happen on the RX8. When the speed picks up a bit, the RX8 likes to always be turning.
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So would you recommend the Fischer Progressor 8?
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If you ski mostly inbounds or want a ski that will be used mosly inbounds, and don't spend all your time at a place like Snowbird, then it certainly is a ski to demo or consider. If you want a super forgiving ski that can be used as a general relaxed cruiser type ski it's probably not a good choice. You didn't state your ability level or preferences. It probably has a wide ability level but I wouldn't hand it to someone who is on their second day on skis. The tail is noticeably stiffer than on skis I have been on recently and makes you pay more attention to what you are doing in the fore-aft department. It's relatively easy to have the ski jet out from under you if you get too far back. An expert would likely prefer the Progressor 9.
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MojoMan is right on with his assessment of the Progressor 8+.  I'd say it isn't a super relaxed ski, but that it can be skied by lots of skiers and will make the level 5,6,7 folks better skiers for skiing it.  I replaced my 170 RX8's with the 8+ in 170 at the end of last year and have no regrets at all.  Loved the RX8, but it definitely had a speed limit and got a bit nervous at higher speeds.  No such issues with the 8+, I've yet to find it's speed limit.

Progressor 9+ is also supposed to be a great ski, but is a pure carver and is very stiff.  I opted for the 8+ because it will tolerate my old school technique and won't bite back.

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Ive been skiing for about a total of 15-17 weeks.
The biggest problem about finding new skies is that i weigh only 64 kg (soon 17 years old :))
So i have to find a ski that allows my weigh (isnt to stiff).
Im mostly skiing on the piste, but sometimes a little bit off-piste. I would prefer a ski with a turning radius under 17 but over 12
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There are a lot of stiffer skis than the Progressor 8 but it's not a ski I would say is soft or overly forgiving. It sounds like you should demo a few skis. There are tons of skis with turning radii between 12-17 that would be a good learing tool for you. I don't know if the Progressor 8 would be that ski right now. It will skid and soft egde but not as easily as some other skis in this category. They are at home when you tip them on edge and try not to force them around. You could probably 'ski' it but it would be stiff enough that you would probably have to push it around a lot and this would not only make you a bit tired but would likely interfere with learning. Is there an area near you that has a demo day coming up?  There are lots of skis out there that could suit you well. You might even look at the Progressor 7.  You can find really good deals on that from last season.

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There arent unfortunately an skiing area near me, and im going skiing with my school this year, so i dont really want to spend time trying skies this year, so i would be great if i just had all my gear ready.
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Hey there is more info. needed to help you pick a ski, but look at the Fischer Heat 76
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Originally Posted by sirius View Post

There arent unfortunately an skiing area near me, and im going skiing with my school this year, so i dont really want to spend time trying skies this year, so i would be great if i just had all my gear ready.

Well, your best bet then is to play your luck and take advice here or go into a shop and ask for advice. Maybe look at Fischer Fire or Progressor 7 in 165. Dynastar Contact 9 in 165 -- you can find good deals online for that ski. 
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Hey, thank you for the answers.
I have been in the some different local skishops, and they recommended the fischer progressor 7 and 8 and Atomic race SL and GS 11
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 sirius based on your 15-17 weeks of skiing  I would say you are being steered in the wrong direction.  You do need to tell us more about your skiing level, the kind of terrain you like to ski, and the kind of turns you like to make.

However  a race ski, particularly a GS race ski doesn't sound right to me.  I think backroom has it the closest.  you need a good quality recreational ski.  hard to find a bad ski these days honestly, but it is easy to find a ski that is wrong for what you want to do.  

I ski on the Progressor 8+ now, but I've been skiing for 21 years with well over 550 days of skiing.  It's a great ski.  A Blizzard Magnum 7.6 is a good choice, but as I said there are a ton of great consumer skis out there.  don't think a race ski or a high end ski is necessarily going to help you improve.  they require excellent technique, the ability to bend the ski, the ability to get it up on edge, to use both skis.  some of them hate to skid, which will make it harder for the vast majority of skiers to ski on them, as skidding and twisting the skis (as compared to carving and steering the skis) is what most people do.

If you can't demo, start another thread asking for advice, not asking about one ski like the Progressor.  PM dawgcatching or Sierra Jim on epic and ask their advice (they've never steered me or anyone I know wrong.)  

Good luck!
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Well, im just saying what they recommended me in the shop, but i was a little suspicious, and thats is why i asked you guys :)
I'll try to pm
dawgcatching or Sierra Jim, with some more details and stuff :)

Thanks for all the help, if it wasnt for you guys, i would probably just bought the Fischer progressor 8+, and ended up with a ski i barely could use :)
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I'm very interested in the Progressor 8 or 9.  I wasn't able to demo Fischers this weekend (tried the AC30s and enjoyed them as well as the Blizzard 8.7 and Atomic 82)  but am concerned that the 8 will be too short given that I"m 6'2 190 lbs.  All the other carver/speed frontside skis I tried were in the 174-180 length.  I don't mind them a tad short because I enjoy throwing in fast turns as well as longer GS style.

Isn't 170 for the 8 going to be very short for my weight?  I'm a solid 7, skiing on midwestern machine made snow.  I will be skiing about 10-15 days per year next year with maybe a race or two thrown in to decide who buys the first round.  Would I do better to go up to the 9s in 175?  I'm a little nervous about the 9s because I don't always want to drive with two hands on the wheel, occasionaly <10% of the time I like to let up and ski a little lazy with the kids.

Other suggestions appreciated.

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 I weight 185, although I am shorter then you (5' 9") and the 170 is definitely not too short, nor do I overpower it.  Great combination of stability and turning ability.
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Originally Posted by MojoMan View Post
The 8 also is very confidence-inspiring when the speed picks up a bit.

I started post regarding P8 and over there people say that P8 are not too good for higher speed. This whole thing is soo confusing:)
I ordered P8 and I'm supposed to pick them up coming week. I have still option to refuse pick up and order another skis.
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 I guess it depends on what you mean by higher speed.  If you're using them in a Super G and going 50MPH they wouldn't be good.  If you don't like to turn and want to straight line down a black diamond I can't really say.

But if you like to cruise at fast recreational speeds, they do just fine, thank you.
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I agree with SkiMangoJazz and MojoMan about the P8. I just got home from a day on the P8's, and they can go fast (or not), carve like crazy, and skid if needed (not too often). They are fun.

I am 5'7", 145 lbs, and ski about 25 days a year. I am on 160 cm length. The P8 will probably not be your first ski, but you should demo it.

It is not for those who are not engaged while skiing.
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It's all relative.  For an RX8 or any other short radius ski I would say the following:
Below about 35 mph, no worries.
Between 35 and 50, I would start about hooking an edge, and be careful not to try and hard turns.
Above 50 I wouldn't recommend them.
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 The P8 is not technically a short radius turn ski however.  Although it has this supposed 12m front and 16m radius, it is (I've read) based on a race GS ski mold.
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You have described how this ski feels to me; it really likes fast longer radius carves but can perform well when cranked into short turns. The really short carves require close attention. Too much force into the shovels can create quite a rebound! Being short (5' '7") and using the shorter length ski does not seem to be a problem.
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progressor 8+ 12 and 15 m radius  at 165
GS 23+ or 27+ m.
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Before I pull the trigger.   I've been on the RX8's for 2 seasons. Only use them on hardpack (ice) days or for following my 9 year old.   More fun than I thought they would be.  Any reason not to switch to the Progressor 8's?  I feel the RX's just get bounced around a bit too much when the snow is inconsistent and the speeds pick up.

Previously I hadn't skiied anything narrower than an 82mm width ski for a couple of years.  When I'm not on the Fischers I'm on Line Prophet 90's.  Also a fun ski in a different sort of way.
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