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lean forward

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Lou mentioned something about putting a shim under the boot toe in the binding to correct 'sitting back'.  What does that mean, a 'shim under the boot toe in the binding.'

The cut and paste below is where he mentioned it, in a post about black big toe.

Any explanation will be greatly appreciated since I am trying to fix my stance and get myself up over the skis and not sitting back. 


Just demonstrated it this weekend in Park City with Alan Schoenberger a coach working with Park City and Snowbird racers. Had a kid (FIS level) who skied with good ankle angulation but fairly straight at the hips. Used a lot of muscle to start his turns. Taled with Alan about athletes position and he said they had been working for a long time to get him forward and were making gains but not quickly.

Reduced ramp angle and effective forward lean with shims under boot toe in the binding. Problem fixed virtually instantly. Pictures showed difference in stance and kid after only five minutes remarked it was easier to ski. Back more relaxed balance felt stronger and turns started easier. He is leaving for Chile today with changed ramp angle.
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on the bottom of the boot, at the front, adding a shim (usually 2-6mm)

you keep the boots internal shape, angles etc, and just tilt the whole boot back a bit.  This alows the skier to stand up more in both the knee and the hip joints, and usually keeps them from sitting back as much...

can be done as a test with removing a toe shim on some bindings too.
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