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Cat hat

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Anybody know where I can get a ski cap made out of a cat? You know, like the Indians used to wear; with the face in a great big snarl and the paws like they're holding onto your forhead!

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Are you gonna supply the cat?
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I'll supply the cat. Don't tell my girlfriend.
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I have a coyote hat that I wore once on a cold windy day, before I started wearing a helmet.

A gal got in my face because I was wearing a real fur hat. She said "That animal had to die so you could wear that hat"

I replied "Thanks for letting me know that, glad to see you like it"
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Has anyone here got a fox hat?

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Sweet - now I know where to send my cats when they die. I keep telling my wife that I will have them made into puppets so she can still play with them after they die. She doesn't think it's a great idea, but we'll see....
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Originally posted by MammothCruzer:
Are you gonna supply the cat?
Well, I was thinking of going to the local animal shelter after they've euthenized a batch of those little bird killing bastards and telling them that I'm a veterenary medicine student and I need a cat cadaver for a class assignment. I can just see it now; me sorting over a pile of dead cats looking for just the right one; kinda like people looking for just the right Christmas Tree!
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Mammoth - did you see the price?! I mean, before I clicked on the link, I thought that it might be a laugh to buy one, but $450 is a lot just for something to keep a non-vital organ warm.

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Thought you might go for the Beaver Bag at $105!!
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