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Thanks for sharing the pic's everyone.   In my next life...........................   thanks Mountaingirl.
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I have been up in wonderful Canada for some time, so now I am back.  Here are some pictures from that adventure:IMG_3105.JPGIMG_3059.JPG

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 WOW, mooddude!  Care to give us a TR?
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I am really bad with Trip Reports...so here is the short of it:
Went up to Battle range of the Selkirk Mountains in BC, Canada to a backcountry hut named Battle Abbey.  It snowed over a meter the day before we flew in (only way to get to the hut is by heli).  The avy danager was high, not due to the new snow, but from surface hoar that was barried.  So we skied low angle terrain, summited a bunch of peaks, and eat and drank to our heart content.  The terrain around the Abbey is hands down the best BC ski terrain, probably why Hans build the hut here.

Back in Utah and finally we have stable conditions and new snow!  


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Pfft. Bad with Tr's? Those pics blow away 7/8 of the  of the tr's here.
Looks like a awesome place. Thanks 4 posting em. They don't do unguided there do they?
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Skifishbum - Battle Abbey is owned by two Guides, so you must go with one of them to the Hut or should I say Lodge.

There are huts near the Abbey that you can go unguided - Fairy Meadows (another Putnum hut) and Sorcerer Lodge are both in the Selkirks and you can book them without a guide.  I have been to Fairy Meadows (very difficult to get into - lottery system), but not Sorcerer - it is on my list.
Picture from today - I love the backcountry if you can't tell:

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Been putting in for the lottery for Kokanee and fairy meadows the last 3 seasons hopefullly this year we score.
This was the first winter we didn't do a Canadian yurt trip in 7 years. Ever do Blanket Glacier "chalet"? rustic but killer terrain no matter what the conditions. I'd highly recommend it in that reguard

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Originally Posted by skifishbum View Post


That pic is the best add for backcountry skiing I've seen in a long time.  I hate to encourage more crowds in the bc, but how can you look at that picture and not immediately head to the store for AT and avalanche equipment?

Got up last Saturday and Silverton Mt. was reporting 20" of new, so the wife and I drove just past their parking lot and skinned up for a few runs in an adjoing valley.  Caught some friends breaking trail, and then a sled pulling some bc skiers passed us and packed the rest of the climb.  Ended up being one of the best days of the season, nothing but deep untracked

Most of the areas are closing, but the spring corn is starting, so it will not be long before it is open season on the steeps. Don't have any pictures, but I sure am stoked.
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Skifishbum - I have never heard of Blanket Glacier hut?  You don't mean Burnie Glacier Chalet?  Burnie was where I was planning on going next year.   Kokanee has been on my hit list also - dang lottery system!

Don't you love pillow skiing in Canada!  Keeps bringing me back for more!  You will love Bill Putnum Hut (aka Fairy Meadows), but I have to say that Battle Abbey's terrain is better for ski touring/mountaineering.
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Blanket is just outside of revelstoke. The peak in pic is Blanket pk. They share  terrain w/ cmh but they are pretty good about not overflying and skiing on top of you. In periods of limited vis and increased avvy danger you see them more. We got in w/ a good unguided but catered group and did 4 trips there until the owner gave away our prime mid Feb. week.
No where near as nice of a "Chalet" as Campbell Icefeild which we did last year, but from the peak of Blanketbgc08.jpgBlanketGlacierChalet058.jpg
Or a + 4k drop down old growth beared snow ghosts to Greenbush lake it has amazing terrain
Those endless meat hucking pillow lines are pretty much right out the door
I skied that one semi technical line that trip down to the lake the chalet sits on and a crying pissed off wife
and after the deluxe digs w/ indoor shitters of the Campbell she's spoiled Valhalla is on the hit list but friends that have gone say it's a much better fair weather hut
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Found Blankets web site - I have Heli-skied near there (long ago) and it is probably the best tree skiing.  Gosh darn it, now I have another hut on my hit list.

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 You guys should do a hut thread.  I need ideas.
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MountainGirl - buy Chic Scott's book - Columbia Mountains - Lot's of hut's and descriptions than any other book.

I love April!
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"It's Fun to take a trip
Put acid in your veins"
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A nice thing about spring is that the hero corn snow is good to take on shots that can be kind of intimidating otherwise.  This is a local line, me standing at the top after putting in those tracks (the climb back out was a a little bit intimidating however):

Other pictures - not of me - from that tour, including different lines:




On the way out:
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Nice shots and snow quality.

Here is some more BC Stoke from a couple days ago, including:

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That all looks really sweet.  Gotta find a later bike tour next year.

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If this looks familiar, it is.  I ski here alot because it is practically in my backyard with easy access. 

Almost there:

J PK 007.JPG

Looking down the first run:
J PK 006.JPG

Looking back up:
J PK 017.JPG

Looking toward home on the otherside:
J PK 008.JPG

Another human:
J PK 013.JPG

Looking down the valley at the bottom of lap 1:
J PK 030.JPG

Skin track coming back up & over & out:
J PK 026.JPG

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Lots of cool pictures since I last visited.  I wish we had corn in Utah.


Here is the first picture of myself I have posted:

Climbing Twins.jpg
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I wish we had corn in Utah.  

More corn today... 

In Utah .

Paradise 4-25 022.JPG

Paradise 4-25 020.JPG
Paradise 4-25 017.JPG

Paradise 4-25 009.JPG

Paradise 4-25 007.JPG

Paradise 4-25 002.JPGI

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4ster - We really don't have Corn in Utah, if you ever been to the Sierra's in the Spring, you know what I mean!  And let me guess - Powder Mountain?

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Originally Posted by mooddude View Post

4ster - We really don't have Corn in Utah, if you ever been to the Sierra's in the Spring, you know what I mean!  And let me guess - Powder Mountain?

Yep Pow Mow.  I spent most of my life in the Sierra's, & yes I know what you mean.  I am headed there shortly.
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A quick snowfall of about 3" this morning sent me out to make a few laps.

Sundowner 005.JPG

The breaking storm made for some cool views:
Sundowner 012.JPG

Ben Lomond to the west:
Sundowner 007.JPG

Sundowner 014.JPG

The Great Salt Lake through the divide:
Sundowner 015.JPG

Powder tracks:
Sundowner 016.JPGSundowner 018.JPGSundowner 026.JPG

Packing for a trip to Tahoe, hopefully some more good turns to be had in the following weeks.

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Haven't been taking many pics lately, but here are a few.  Things around here change day by day, from absolutely stellar corn to winter cold snow to heaping helpings of mashed potatoes.  Got some snow today... may head up tomorrow for a site survey.

Here's my friend Joshua at the top of a stellar corn field outside of Ely two weekends ago.  This is one of my favorite springtime destinations.


Last weekend, up Thomas Canyon in the Rubies.  Variable conditions, great for trying out my new Gotbacks.  I am now a believer in rockered tips.


Note the big chunks of breakable as Nancy takes her first turns.  She makes this stuff look easy, even in flat light.



Day 50 last weekend.  
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Steven Peak 014.JPG
I arrived in Lake Tahoe last night, & conditions seemed right for a little trek this morning.

Lake Tahoe in the background, looking north from ridge on Stevens Peak:
Steven Peak 016.JPG

Some wind blown crust up high, but consistent snow mid mountain.  Not quite corn yet but close on the lower angles:
Steven Peak 031.JPG

Steven Peak 043.JPG

Steven Peak 055.JPG

A northern aspect toward the bottom was almost powder:
Steven Peak 065.JPG

Looking back at the peak on the way back to town:
Steven Peak 066.JPG

Hopefully getting some more in the next few days,
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Back for more today.  Same location, but went up a different ridge where the wind was 50mph.  This pinnacle was my protection.  Once I was off the ridge the wind was nil & the corn was sweeter than yesterday.

Red Lake peak, which was my original plan today, but it looked like a lot of tracks already & didn't look like the snow had transitioned yet.

Natures halfpipe.

The pinnacle, looking from the top of my second run.

SE aspects where revealing perfect corn from 9000' to 7000'.

Exit shot.

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delete: double post.
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The Grande Chute.jpgJust Just got back from skiing some of Silverton Mountain's terrain, which is Forest Service land and now open to the public since the area is closed.  Didn't have a camera, but here is a pic I took from their web site.  Skied up the road, which is the exit route for the runs on the backside of SM, and hit the Grande Chute from the notch at the end of the valley.  SM chair and hike to runs come off the right side of the valley, and their heli drop runs come off the left. The famous Shaun White half pipe was on the right, just beyond the big stand of trees.

 6" of new on top of a completely smooth supporting crust with a blue bird sky.  Not a bad day for May.
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Originally Posted by mudfoot View Post
skiing some of Silverton Mountain's terrain, which is Forest Service land and now open ...

Well, BLM land actually.  Trivia: Silverton is the only ski area permit located on BLM lands. 

Sorry for the nit-pick.  Very nice picture.  

Retired BLM Bob
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Today was Jake's Peak above the west shore of Lake Tahoe, & Emerald Bay.
Jakes Peak 5-2-10 002.JPG

North Bowl of Mt. Tallac:
Jakes Peak 5-2-10 003.JPG

South shore of Lake Tahoe, Freel Peak & Monument Peak in the background:
Jakes Peak 5-2-10 004.JPG

My feet & the mouth of Emerald Bay:
Jakes Peak 5-2-10 006.JPG

Freel Peak, at just under 11000' the tallest in the area:
Jakes Peak 5-2-10 008.JPG

Corn Tracks, E-SE aspect.  Done by 9:30 & would've been too soft by 10.  The past two days I was able to have good skiing till 12:30, but I was a1000' higher.  The less sun exposed aspects have yet to corn up.
Jakes Peak 5-2-10 015.JPG

Jakes Peak 5-2-10 016.JPG

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