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2009 - 2010 Backcountry Stoke

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 Because it's necessary.



We're just getting going around here... had a couple of good runs the day before yesterday, gorgeous powder - but it got hammered by wind so was pretty stiff today.  Still good to get out, though.

Can sure tell it's early season.  I can't buy a turn.  Yet.

Here's Brad below Ambrosia in Lamoille Canyon.

Went out today with a new BC skier - Tyler - the stiff snow proved to be a bit tricky and he made some delightful craters.  He was still smiling, though, I'm guessing I'll be able to convince him to ski with me again.

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Sue, your backyard is so much cooler than mine.
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Mountaingirl,  nice pic's.   In my next life I would like to come ski with ya.
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(Not sure if you want additions to your thread. I can delete these if not.)

We may be doing the best in the CO snow department and we decided to make sure on a safe Northerly line:

A finish with style and a smile:

Someone else's nice turns:

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Nice trip and pics terry!
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The snow hasn't been all that great here in the Wasatch, yet I have been getting out a lot.  Here are some pictures to go along with all the others - Enjoy.
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 Good to see the pics, guys!  Thanks for sharing.

Our snow has been - in a word - sucking.  :(  I've been out a few more times but it hasn't been good, have been focusing on XC skiing, ice climbing and building a fitness base.

Pete, Aleph, you are WELCOME to ski with me any time - although wait until I start posting good pics again, it's certainly not worth the drive right now.  It'll happen but I'm getting very impatient.
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 Alpinord, where/when were those pictures taken?  I just got back from Ouray and it was thin, thin, thin...
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Ice Climbing in Ouray? I just went through and saw the ice on the way over the passes home. Plenty of snow in the San Juans if you know where to go. Tracks all over. The pics were shot just west of Durango in the La Platas.
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 Yep.  This is one of the ones we climbed... you can see it off to the right as you're driving into Ouray from the north.

Upper Dexter Creek Slabs, WI3-4

(I'm not all that great at ice climbing yet... it competes with the skiing...)

Looks like you found some good conditions - I obviously have no clue where to look in that part of the world.  :(

Not like we had a bad time or anything, though...  :)
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Bit of a low snow and dicey snowpack here in Wasangles

 been good when it snows

and pretty marginal since
Although they're talking up the latest significant weather pattern change predictions
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This this year.

Although, since someone mentioned ice, it's been good:
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The recent storm cycle has made the BC hugely tricky... we were out Saturday digging around in an avy class and things were sketchy enough that <30-degrees seemed the best choice by far.

Yesterday, though, things had settled down beautifully.  We saw evidence of slide activity on several aspects that we estimated at around 48-hours old, based on observations by the group (as in "I was up here Thursday and it hadn't slid by then.")  We figured it must have slid during Friday's storm.

We did some probing and other tests and were pretty pleased with the stability.  We didn't get the huge dump that they did in the Wasatch, and didn't have the terrifying conditions that those guys got.  So - we did some skiing, and it was amazing.  Numerous face shots throughout the day.

Sorry I don't have better pictures... wasn't into stopping mid-run for photos.  It was just that good.  These were taken in the Dollar Chutes in Lamoille Canyon.

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Things changed big time here and increased options while making others very dicey.
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Hey mountaingirl, I'd like to head out to your neck of the woods this spring and I'm gonna need a tour guide...


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Given the looks of your terrain I wouldn't mind trading.  ;)

There's good spring skiing here and near Ely, happy to show you around.
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Well, I don't know if things have gotten better or worse here in the Wasatch, but we do have snow now.  Avy conditions have been scary at best. 
mountiangirl1961 if you are offering to be a tour guide for Ely, could I jump in the action? 

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Happy to do an Ely tour, although I'm not up for much driving at the moment.  I've got everything I need within a 1/2 hour snowmobile ride from my house.

It was blower out there today.  These are in the Ambrosia Chutes in Lamoille Canyon.

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buildin' my "mountaingirl, take me skiing" cred...

today, as usual, Jake's skiin', I'm takin' pitchers....

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Sweet shots Splitter & everyone!

It is way to scary in my hood to venture out for me.  Inbounds resort skiing only for now.  Hoping for better stability later in the season.

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Yeah, you guys have a truly terrifying snowpack right now.  We were fortunate, the absolutely huge dump you guys got largely missed us - I think we got 6" out of it - and our snowpack had a chance to consolidate reasonably well.  I still wouldn't ski anything >35-degrees here, or thin, but that still leaves us a lot of really great options.

At this point I'm planning on heading your way for the Bears gathering Wednesday and Thursday, so will have a chance to flail inbounds for a couple of days.
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Originally Posted by mountaingirl1961 View Post

At this point I'm planning on heading your way for the Bears gathering Wednesday and Thursday, so will have a chance to flail inbounds for a couple of days.

The good news is we had a good 8-10" this morning & a little more this evening. 
I will be at Snowbasin on Thursday, should be fun.

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Went up to the Sawtooths and found some great stable snow, so finally I feel like I am BC skiing!
(I have no idea how to rotate these photos?)

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 Nice - even if they are sideways!

Seems like we're getting more Utardians here these days, too.  With your snowpack I can understand why people are wanting to hit the road, although we're not much better.  I feel like a coward with an inclinometer these days, but it's better than getting caught.

From Friday - some really beautiful skiing.  The wind blew like crazy Thursday night - 70 MPH on the ridges according to the heli-guys.  Made for some suspect conditions but on 32-degree snow some nice turns.





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Sue, that's incredibly beautiful.  Wish I was there!

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Snowblower!  I was thinking about you when I posted those photos upthread - your kind of skiing!

It is beautiful here and I thank God every day for being lucky enough to call this home.  Don't wish - drive! 
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Nice Pictures, looks fun up in the Ruby's, hope your willing to show me around soon.  I drove down to the Abajo Mountains and found more snow and greater stablitly than Big or Little Cottonwood.  Here are some pictures from that adventure.


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Happy to be a tour guide, although at the moment stuff is pretty tracked out.  For us, anyway, I've been given to understand that I'm a bit of a snob about stuff like that.  ;)

Those are gorgeous photos, I love snow and canyon country.

Found some nice turns today - boot deep light powder on a good supportable base.




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a 10 minute time waster for yas
MG ran into some old friends last weekend that are running a casino in Ely. you know BG & Susie?
Hoping to head out that way in a couple weeks
haven't been gbnping for a season or two last trip was a bust 3' at leamon th  1' @ 10k  0' on wheeler @13kgbnp002-1.jpggbnp004-1.jpg
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That looks nice and fluffy, skifishbum.  Thanks for posting.  Although - I have to say, some of you guys sure do like tighter trees than I do.  He Who Shall Not Be Named took me down a sidecountry run near Missoula Snowbowl last season... I was enjoying the fluff but seriously missing our nicely spaced limber pines around here.

Loving your music, BTW.  What were those?

Yeah, GBNP can really be hit and miss.  I skied it last season - Wheeler wasn't close at that point, and where we went was pretty variable.  Still, a fun tour, and we ran into this crusty old guy who'd been touring back there for decades.  Not jw.  ;)  Good times.

B & S are good peeps and will have a good handle on what's up conditions-wise out there.  I usually get a lot more days down in Ely than I do up here, oddly enough, but it hasn't worked out that way this year.  Corn season, though - mmmmmmmmmmmm.

I've been skiing hard snow in Targhee and Alta for the last week and a half... one of my partners told me that east is skiing like buttah here these days.  Snowing up there right now... will have to have a look-see this week sometime before Friday - Sunday's planned voyage of exploration.
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