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My GF and i decided late in the morning yesterday to get in a half day's skiing in even though there had not been any fresh snow around Montreal in a week or so. We checked all local hills' websites, all local ski condition sites, and everywhere was basically "Ice over an Icy base". We happened onto Titus' website and based on the webcam, the conditions looked okay. We drove the 90 minutes and got there right at noon. I have skied there before, but I always forget what it is like.

This place is like going back 30-40 years in time. All the lifts are old fashioned fixed grip doubles & triples, the base lodge is not a monument to some architectural god,  the entire place has a friendly vibe. There were no lines to speak of, but the place was not deserted either. Lots of families skiing together, hardly a Spyder suit in sight.

The hill is big enough to disperse the uphill capacity quite well. Hey, it is not a huge hill in terms of vertical  and the terrain isn't the most extreme, but for a solid skiing experience it was fun. Just the kind of day where you just appreciate being out on your skis; no need to push the limits, no need to spend time working on any specific technique, no need to see how many runs we could get in.

If this hill was in my backyard (or within 30 minutes drive) I could see myself skiing there quite often. If any of you are upin Northern NY and are looking for a fun day on your boards like skiing was back in the 70s, Titus may be worth checking out.