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Boot fitting and performance for instructors and patrollers

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Has anyone ever wondered to what extent most skiers have gone to in order to improve their performance? These two polls are aimed at discovering what instructors and recreational skiers have done to their boots and boot ski interface.
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Unsolisited endorsment.

I absolutly love the pair of Zip-Fit custom liners that Steve Bagley of Superior Ski fitted me up with when I was in Utah for Epic Academy. Their fit and performance is exceptional.
Thanks Steve. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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One flaw in the poll, You should have added a third or fourth option in each question.

Evaluated and didn't need adjustment,
evaluated and opted not to make adjustment.

Depending on degree of adjustment needed or suspected some skiers may decide not to do the modifications and just live with making the adjustment in their skiing.

Also there should probably have been a question asking if the person taking the poll was an instructor, patroller or just an avid skier.

Just some random thoughts, but a great poll!

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I'm glad you like your zipfits, I'm much less enthusiastic about them. Next year will probably be foam. Perhaps this should be a separate thread though.
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I answered #5 yes, as I was unsure whether you were referring to milling the boot or cant strips under the bindings. I have strips under the bindings.

Good poll!

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Are we going to get to see the results - or do we have to pretend & put in dummy votes to see the answers?
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I like your thoughts, too bad I can't add them. I will try to do better next time.

Arc &Tog,

I agree with Tog, not usre that I like the Zipfits. Will continue to play and possibly try conformables next year.

Rick H.

The question was designed to include both options. It was the result, not the application that I was looking for.

Disski, the reslults should be available without voting. Since I voted I can't tell if I actually set it up right. If you can't view the results, let me know and I'll post them.

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[img]redface.gif[/img] oops - it is too - sorry - reading too many places at one time ....

Can I use the excuse that I am slightly stressed due to lack of employment & need to relocate?

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The zipfits for me are great in the cuff area. Their edge to edge quickness due to this cuff transmission was really quite amazing. Ironically, the feature I liked most in the store has turned out to be one of the worst. That's the tongue. In the store I thought it was great- it contacted across the whole shin, not just the middle like most cuffs, so in flexing forward it didn't have that hard spot in the midle of the shin. It almost felt like there was no tongue. Wow, this is great!

Well in skiing it often does feel like there is no tongue! This is because the tongue is so wimpy. Looking at it closely it's probably the softest tongue I've ever had in a boot- it bends forward quite easily. The section above the cuff bends forward or rolls over the cuff way too easily. In my previous liners I got rid of a Nordica foam tongue I used to have because it was too stiff and went back to the stock Dobermann tongue which turned out much better. This zipfit tongue is so soft though it becomes a problem when you run into clumps of snow or are skiing difficult terrain. (As in Alta in Jan.- the first day on the zipfits which was a little bit of a nightmare.)

What annoys me is I violated the "never get major boot stuff while away on vacation" motto. I'd made this mistake before at Taos with a foam liner. With these zipfits I ended up having to get them stretched back here. I got some frostbite on the tip of my big toes and will loose one nail mainly because they were a bit short.

I think if you don't need to fill up volume they probably could be great (as many people attest). In my case I think I needed to fill a little more volume than they're capable of. The tongue issue though will really depend on the boot it's going in and how the tongue is supported by the plastic in front. I notice in mine there's a bit of a gap in the middle between the tongue and the plastic. Still, where the tongue sticks above the cuff, it just rolls over with no strength at all.

If I was skiing out west, I'd would immediately have to solve the tongue problem or get rid of these liners. As it is here I can get away with solving the problem a bit more slowly. I suppose one test of a product is if there was a "money back gurantee" would you return it? In this case yes, I would. They do some things great, but overall I don't find it worth it. I'd use the money to try a different path- foam which isn't smooth sailing either but...
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Here are the results for those of you who couldn't access the results.

I use my boots off the shelf with out any modifications

Yes 3% (1)
No 97% (28)
I have had my shells ground or punched

Yes 62% (18)
No 38% (11)
I have custom footbeds

Yes 100% (29)
No 0% (0)
I have had my cuff canted

Yes 76% (22)
No 24% (7)
I have had by boots canted underfoot

Yes 45% (13)
No 55% (16)
I have had foreward lean asjusted at the cuff

Yes 66% (19)
No 34% (10)
I have had forward lean adjusted at the boot sole or binding

Yes 17% (5)
No 83% (24)
I use custom liners

Yes 45% (13)
No 55% (16)

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