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sking with cast

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I injured my thumb whilst taking sking lessons and therefore damaged the ligaments in my thumb. I was put in a cast on the 30th Dec and am going sking on 9th Jan, I am just wondering wud i be able to ski ok and would i be able to get a glove big enough to fit over the cast.
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Some where is a mit that will fit.  Forget a glove on the cast hand, a mitt will probably give you a higher snow cuff too best for casts.
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Thats great tanks . wonder where i wud get a muff for my hand
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For mittens that might fit, look to blackdiamond or other back country outfitters. They have mitten shells with removeable liners. Just cut the liner to fit what needs warmth (fingers, palm) then shove it all into the shell. If your affected thumb is protruding, you do risk additional damage to yourself even with the cast. Be careful. Not having an functioning opposable digit would be a drag.

If you don't want to buy a mitten that would fit, you could also just put a couple of heavy wool socks over your hand and cast and cover with a plastic bag. The cast is short term and if you won't use the mittens again...
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comment deleted by author - wrong Finn
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