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Will these skis be too tall for me?

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Today I was digging through our garage and I found my dad's "old" (by old I mean about 5 years) Salomon skis. I figured they were about the right height, so I went to a local ski shop and before getting the bindings adjusted, they told me that the ski was too large for me. Now, I somewhat trust what they said, but I'm being superstitious and thinking they may be saying this to get me to rent a new pair. I'm 5'9 and the skis are about 2-3 inches taller than me. 

Do you guys think it will be too hard to learn on these for a beginner? My dad is 6' and he said he has no problem with them and they make skiing much easier for him.

Please help!
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For modern skiing, learning skis for a beginner should be no longer than say chin height. You can even go shorter so 2-3 inches taller than you definitely is too long even for the most entry level and softest skis.
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 Alright. His are pretty hard, so I'm figuring they won't suffice well for beginner skiing. Thanks for the advice; I think I'll go rent a pair!
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Three inches over your head is ok IFF you already know how to ski.  Chin to eye level is good if you haven't skied before.

Salomon Equipe and Lab skis are good for skiing on.  Scramblers and Streetracers are good for lawn furniture.
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 Well I have skied before; it was about 5-6 years ago and I could pull off about any blue and barely any blacks. What do you guys suggest now that you know I've skied before?
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 I'd still say they are long. I have a pair a litle smaller than that in relation to that and have lent them to friends and it really is too much ski unless you know what you are doing. It could be that you will quickly get to the point where you can use them since you skied at one point but I would recomennd at least renting something shorter for you to get back into the groove of things. 
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It all depends on what you like.  I prefer to have shorter skis as an expert.  try them on the bunny slope and get a feel for those free skis.  It may be tougher to turn at first but if you ever switch to shorter skis there will be a night and day kiind of difference.  they may be great training skis.
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make sure you set the bindings the right way for your weight!!...thats how accidents happen
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Two or three inches over the top of your head is about 180-183 cm. That would make the skis, most likely, 185-190 cm.

That's not a crazy length for an experienced skier, but it's on the long side. Someone with your limited experience would typically be skiing something quite a bit shorter: more like the 170 cm range, or shorter.

I'd suggest that you'll be happier with rental skis. Many areas have combo deals that include a lesson and rental skis for a relatively reasonable price ("relatively" being an important word ... nobody said skiing is cheap).
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