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No Snow?

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I was in Summit County 3 weeks ago and while walking around downtown Breckenridge, I realized that in the past 30 years that i've been comming here, i've never seen the place in Wintertime when there were no snowbanks or ice on the sidewalks. Not to mention, the skiing was bad.

this morning I read in the Summit Daily that this season's snowfall is a mere 26% of what was last year at this time. Is it still really that bad out there?
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It's pretty bad. Last year at this time our front yard in Keystone had 3-4' of snow. Today it's maybe 6". I've been to BC, Keystone, and A Basin. BC had the most, you could ski stuff that didn't have man made.  Keystone is doing a great job making snow and gets new things open almost every day. The best covered non-manmade runs there are open with about a foot of base. The Basin was depressing. Besides the one groomed way down from the top you could ski under the upper lift in the gullies and Cornice Run to West Wall. That's it. Pali looked like it would take feet to get open.

We got 2" last night. Send more, a lot more.
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I would agree with the lack of snow assessment here in I-70 ski areas...
Loveland has quite a few runs open, but they are pretty crusty and hard...
Not what we usually have by this time of year...
Need 2 or 3 really good storms...BAD...
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we had a fun pow day in Aspen today!
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I remember some years we have had over 200" on Hood. Right now we are cycling between 45-65" and yesterday it was raining, still is, although it's supposed to turn to snow in the evening. One can only hope.
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Ryel old friend. (Ryel was at the very first Epic Ski Gathering at Tahoe) good to hear from you. It's dumping here right now.
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Just finishing up a week at Copper. Skiing isn't the greatest, but it isn't horrible either.  A few runs, especially at the bottom of the hill (Collage is a great example), are skiable, but you need to be on your toes to get around the thin spots and to miss the tree tops poking through.  Other bad part is much of the "good" terrain, i.e., the bowls and the A lift area are still closed due to lack of snow. Little bit of fresh stuff in the last few days and smallish size crowds for Christmas week means the skiing on the open terrain has been good, if not great.  If I had a trip booked to Summit coming up, I certainly wouldn't cancel it.
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Tag, another from the first Gathering. Good to hear you had a good time.
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Hey Lars, glad to see your still out there poaching the freshies. Keep up the good work!
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Well just what the Dr ordered...
Loveland got a nice dose of snow...and most of the I-70 ski areas...
Most likely 8-10 inches over Saturday and Sunday...
Had probably the best day of the season so far...
Its amazing what some fresh snow will do...totally changed the mountain...went from hard to what we spoiled Colorado skiers are used to...
Now it just needs to keep it coming...
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