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Ski instructor wanted

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 Is there anyone interested in giving ski lessons in the last week of January at Beaver Creek or Vail for intermediate adults and intermediate level children?
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 Are you looking for group or private lessons?  I certainly have a few ideas for quality pros in BC

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As reminder to the peanut gallery, EpicSki does not permit solicitations for "under the table" ski instruction that violates either resort rules or US Forest Service regulations. See the "sting thread" for further entertainment.

We do encourage Bears to use EpicSki for referrals for resort provided lessons, instruction through third parties that are legally provided and friendly (i.e. not paid for) coaching.



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Is this a "bait" thread to see who rises to take the lure?

Book em' Dano ! !
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PM sent!
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I'd rather not, but thank you for thinking of me.
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