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Atomic B Tech Boots

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These boots are built on a 104mm last.
Some folks like me have feet like swim fins and cannot be fitted well in boots with narrower lasts.
The have a fairly low cuff height if you have calves that bulge and are low to the ground.
I have two pair.
Initially, I got the B-90 which is a 90 flex boot.
This is a great boot for general skiing in soft snow.
It gets pretty limp in warm weather.
Now I have a pair of the B-120's which is a 120 flex boot.
These are a whole other deal.
Much stiffer than the B-90's they really allow you to load the front of the skis.
I use both pair.
The 90's for skiing with my wife and grandkids.
The 120's for skiing with my bros and NASTAR.
Both pair have been worked out by my favorite secret bootfitter Paul.

With my wide DDDD feet these are the only truly comfortable boots I have ever owned.
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 Thanks for the info.

One question: Is the fit the same in both the B-90 and B-120?
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