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Whistler Recommendations

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Looking for some pointers for my first trip to Whistler.  Arriving next Tuesday. 

Snowmobile: Looking for a Family trip 2 Adults & 9 year old
Blackcomb Snowmobiles or:
Canadian Snowmobile Adventures

Staying at the Aspens.

IGA or:
Whistler grocery Store in the village square.

Which one has better selection/prices and ease of access.  Grocery Delivery services?

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The IGA is biggest but nowhere near the size of a big suburban grocery store, so if you need a huge selection and lower prices, it's best to grocery shop on the way up (if you have a car that it). There is online grocery shopping and delivery:
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I think you will find that both grocery stores have ample selections of all you will probably want/need and, to me at least, the prices are actually pretty reasonable.  That being said, the grocery store in the village is quite small but it's where we usually go.  It will also be closer for you staying a The Aspens - an easy walk.

I cannot comment on the snowmobiling as we go just to ski.  We did stay at the Aspens a couple weeks ago however, it was our first stay on the Blackcomb side and we loved it!  Though you may miss having the village at your doorstep, the ski-in ski-out really is nice and we just found it a nice place for a relaxing week - it's high on our list for a return visit.  Getting over to the village is really not a bad walk either; in fact it can be quite a nice stroll.  Have fun!
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When I was up in December I found the Whistler grocery store to have a good selection, but resort prices. I believe there is a Sobeys or some variety of Superstore in Squamish on the way up if you are driving in (right hand side of highway driving north). Otherwise I'd try the IGA. There's also a couple of fairly cheap places to eat in the village which might keep your 9 year old happy (Zog's dogs, Old Spaghetti Factory, coffee shop down near the grocery).
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 If you're going to buy a bunch of stuff that you don't want to carry all the way back and if you have a car it's a lot easier to get to the IGA from the Aspens.  However, prices are significantly higher in Whistler than other places.  If you can stop in Squamish on the way up you'll find better pricing, larger selection, often higher quality of produce, and a more roomy, less crowded atmosphere.
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I normally stop at the Safeway on Robson street in Vancouver on my way from airport to Whistler. If I miss
it for any reason - I stop at the Nestlers in Squamish.
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The Marketplace IGA is pretty well stocked for vacation needs.  Sure it's a little more expensive but still quite convenient with ample parking.  Nesters is a couple minutes north of Whistler and is also well stocked with ample parking and also offers a delivery service.

Blackcomb snowmobiles run a nice operation in the Callaghan area.  They have an extensive trail network with great views.  Their snowmobiles are new, comfortable and powerful.  They have a package to suit most rider types.  The cabins they use and the food they provide are nothing special but the riding is.
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