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Shorty slaloms...

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I've began to show some interest in this category of skis, living here in the east. What are your opinions or recommendations for which ones to try. Definitely the ones a step down from race tools. i.e. salomon 9-3v's, t-power vipers, etc... Maybe the new K2 will prove to be something too. Thanks
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Don't forget about the Atomic 9.16. A great short slalom ski.
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I agree on the Atomic. It is a surprisingly versatile ski that works very well in NASTAR gates. It can be a bit turny in the bumps, and a little jumpy at high speeds, but is rock-solid in hard, short carves. It's the most precise and energetic ski I've owned (out of about 15 other models, brands). It improves my skiing. Just remember to stay balanced and ride it more than force it. It can be hooky if you jam it too hard.
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I race Slalom on the Atomic 9.16's- they're an awesome ski. Most people say they're the best slalom ski for GS turns. They do get a bit shaky at really high speeds- but they carve like a mad man! The only downside is in the bumps- because they're such a stiff ski. My skiing had defiantly (sp) improved because of them!

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How about the 9.14's? I imagine they're a little toned down and softer. Same dimensions I believe, and how about a size window to look in. I'm 185 lbs 5'10". Maybe the 170cm ? 9.16's are touted as being a relatively versatile shorty. What exactly does versatile mean in this category of ski? Thanks again for input.
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By the way, I don't race, just want something to make some of the smaller mountains more fun. I do ski with alot of energy and enjoy short turns, but certainly don't want to beat myself up too badly.
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The 9.16 is relatively stable at speed for a shortly sl, so it's not limited solely to quick sl turns.

Last year's 9.16 race ski is exactly the same as the 9.14 recreational ski, just a bit stiffer and with the addition of a plate. (This year's 9.16 has similar dimensions but a somewhat different construction, plus a beefier plate.) The 9.14 would probably be a good choice, either in a 170 or 180. I would definitely advise a demo before buying, in both lengths.
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I have one friend who just got T-Power Vipers, and a couple who just got T-Power Cobras. They love them.
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Also consider the Atomic BetaRace 9.20. I just got a pair in 180cm length for the same reason you stated. They can make great short fall line turns all day, but are also good in GS turns and moguls.
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Would the 9.20's work in a 170 length, I know they have similar sidecuts as the 16. I've tried the 9.20's in the past, I think a 190, good ski for laying trenches, aye?
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My rec would be a 180cm in the 9.20 for your size.
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Rico, I agree with Jonathan. I'm almost the exact size and weight as you are. The 180's are a good fit for me.
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I demoed the Head Cyber World Cup Slalom Ti. If I hadn't have just bought a pair of Volkl P40's I would've bought them. I tried 180's. Great in the bumps, on groomed and ice.
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Demo as many as you can. Pick the one for your style and feels the best.

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