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Boot issues, or actually more bones issues

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Hi guys

I have no idea, if this is right place to ask, but it actually does concern boots and feet :)
This year I'm having some weird issues with my feet (left one only). I have 2 pairs of boots. One is Fischer RC4 World cup 130, and I use it as working boot, while for skiing I have Fischer RC4 World cup Pro95 130. All of a sudden, after more then 3 years in my working boots, and after half year in skiing boot, I started to get problems.
I have feeling I got some extra "bump" on outside joint between head of 5th metatarsal bone and toe (proximal phalanx). See attached photo bellow for easier representation.
I never had my working boot fitted, since there was no need for this. I had WC Pro95 boot fitted, since it has extremely thin liner and it was working fine for half of year, but now I had such pain, it was almost impossible to ski. I went to friend who was WC tech for Lange till year ago, and he did his magic. Things got better, but on the other side, I have feeling my working boot are getting worse and worse, and this thing is pressing more and more, while I didn't even feel it before. Since I obviously can't hang in friends workshop every day to keep stretching and grinding boot, I'm wondering if anyone else had such experience before, and what was result of it?
I have feeling, this "bump" is growing more also because of constant rubbing. I had similar issue on right foot (but on tuberosity of 5th metatarsal bone) last winter with ice hockey skates. After I "baked" them again, things were solved, and I have no problem, but it looks like skates are easier to fix then boots.
So any idea, advice or solution would be more then appreciated, since I really don't feel like changing my race boots for "normal" boots when I go out just for skiing.

Thanks in advance,

PS: And photo of foot bones to easier see where are my problems :)
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Here are my thoughts and one possible solution, which will not replace a one-on-one inspection by a experienced bootfitter.

There are exception however most of the time pain equates to pressure and that pressure can cause bumps or calcium buildup in the metatarsal area.  After you ski for a few hours (or put them on at your house for a while) take the boot off and if that area has excessive reddening the boot most likely is to narrow for your foot, which could be getting wider from age, pressure and calcium buildup.  (Most people are not as lucky as you to have a friend that was a WC fitter, why not go see him?)

Also, it sounds like you spend quite a bit of time on the snow...could the liner/boots be getting old and worn out?  Do you have over 100 days on them?

Also, have you taken the liner out and checked the footbed or anything else that could have changed inside the boot?

Good luck,


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 Thanks for your reply Don. I didn't count, but I doubt my work work boots would have more then 100 days on them, but it could be close. But anyway... I use these boots mainly to ski down to start of race, slip down the course, stand there for few hours and that's about it. On top of that, they are about 1 size too big (they are 28.5 while WC Pro are right size for skiing and are 27.5), since I don't really like all that pressure when standing in cold for few hours, and I never felt any pressure with this boots until now.
WC Pro boots on the other side are different. They are smaller and they are tight... but that's what race boots are suppose to be. They were fitted by my friend, and I never had problems with it (ok these particular pair is only about half year old, and has max 20 days of skiing on), and for first 15 times or so, I never had problems either.
Then all of a sudden this starts and that' why I was wondering if this is something, that happened to someone already. I guess I will go to see my friend again, and try to solve this.
Thanks again for your help,
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