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Line Prophet 90 vs. 100 ?

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Me:  I'm 45 yr. old, 6'-3" 195 lbs, advanced skier (some racing in my teens, many moons ago). I currently ski 15-20 times per year in the NW plus a couple of 4-5 days trips to utah/colorado.  Enjoy any kind of snow or conditions, don't care for bumps, still hit them here and there but not priority. I'll be on groomers on a bad snow day (icy) and off-piste with fresh snow, most likely trees.

I own a pair of 176cm Fisher AMC79. Don't demo nor try skis so I am not going to have a lot to compare to. The AMC79 feels easy and overall an OK sky, not fantastic on ice (I grow up on GS skis, so...), but still can work and I would say surprisingly good on moderate powder/crud, or at least it felt that I was able to handle well those conditions. If anything they are a bit too short on fast carving but on the other hand I like the length in tight trees or chutes.

I have been reading for a while and talked to local shops. I want to move to a pair of line prophet. The two questions that I have are:

1) Better go with the P90 or the P100? Freeskier magazine had the P90 as one of the selected for 2010 and they were mentioning that it received more praise than the P100. I prompted some of the local shops and I got different answers based on what they had left on the floor...

2) What length would you recommend between 179 and 186? If I go with 186 do you think it will still be manageable in tight trees? Would it be very similar at same length for both P90 and P100?

Thanks for your help.
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If you gonna be skiing more pow then groomed then go for the Prophet 100.  If it's the other way around go with the Prophet 90.  I ski on the east coast with the 2008 Prophet 90 at 179 and sometimes I wish I went with the 100.  One thing that is certain is that you need the 186.  My 179 is more like a 173 in actual length, these are short for the printed size.  I'm 6' 205lb
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Double post sorry
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I really dont know what im doing
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I say going with the 100. I was looking at the 90 myself. But EVERY shop I talked to said go for the 100. I have been very happy with my decision. It has been very good to me in all conditions. They turn well and are very maneuverable in all conditions. I have 15 days on them in the NW so far and have never wished that I had gone with the 90's

The 100 seems to be getting more praise on all the other message boards as well.

They get a lot of praise on the lift too.
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 Thank you guys. What binding did you mount and at what position?
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P100  at 186 w/either Jesters,Griffons, Sth14's or Looks... 
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I have griffons mounted at the suggested line
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For your size, I would be conservative and go Jester over Griffon, with gear and all, you are pushing their limits.  But the jesters/grif's are my favorite bindings if for no other reason, they are so lite.
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Thank you all.

Finndog-Yeah, Jester probably better for my characteristics... Any of you knows anything about the Schizo? Is it really a valid idea or just a marketing gimmick?
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I'd go for the 100.  The only terrain that I would be wishing I had the other ski would be on a nice powder day, and I had purchased the 90's, not the other way around wishing I had the 90 to rip up all those groomers.
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 guroo270 -- Love your philosophy !  Cheers .......
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 thanks.  and on the length, I would go 186.  Err on the long side as they are twin tips (-5 to -10 cm less surface area), and I'm 5'8'' 150, and would opt for the 179. And if you were me, you would opt for some Look PX12Ti Lifters WB (wide break).  Also, you could go with the 179, if you want it to be a lil more flickable, but if you get goin a little too fast, you might start feeling like its slightly small for you.
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They are super easy to pilot...  Go 186.  I have the 100's mounted on the line with STH 16's.  love them.
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 schizos - i'm about to put griffon schizos on my new p90's.  looking fwd to 6cm adjustment range.  had a bit of trouble trying to find my favorite spot on the ski with my kfujas last year.  
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I have about a week on p100s and they are good skis, but they are really soft snow skis that excel in powder. In comparison to my old banditt xxx with a very similar sidecut to the 90s (123 90 110) they seem a bit imprecise on groomers. Feels like the front is not hooking up on turn initiation , but after that they rail really nicely, although the tips dont track that well as speed increases. On powder though it's a completly different story. I could turn with the tails and keep a tighter line and i was hitting higher speeds with total feeling of control. Really nice. Also bombed through the junk well. They will not be my every day ski though because i like the precise feel of a 90 midfat better. If i had to do it over again i would pay the bucks for the schizo and try moving forward a bit to see if that helped.
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Something pointed out about the P90s in professional reviews is that they suffer in short turns.  I ignored this and bought them anyway.  The reviews were right; short turns require work.  I haven't seen this mentioned on any forums.  Something to think about.
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Me 6'2" and 190 lbs on P100 last two seasons. At 6' 3" and 195 don't even think about the the 179. A sweet ski that does everything well except boiler plate which you don't have PNW. At your size you can do any turn anytime you want on the 186s.
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 As Another PNW skier , mostly Crystal, 5'11" 175#  trees, chutes, old, ect. I have skied  P 100's 186 the last 2 seasons also. This is a great ski.  It will make a short fast turn with a little up weighting in that tight chute. It will hang in there on the firm stuff we have had the last couple of weeks, and it is just loads of fun on the powder days even when everything gets tracked out by 10:30. Don't go short. I have no trouble getting mine around the tight tree spots. I am a quiver guy,  but these are my favorite skis. Antidotal, Took two pair of skis up for night skiing a couple of days ago. The conditions were icy with 3 " of new on top and snowing. bunch of scrapy spots, started out on the Line 100's and didn't go back to the car to swap out, had fun.
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Thanks everybody. Lots of good feedback.

I am in Whistler right now and yesterday I had the chance to try a friend's pair of Volkl Gotama 183cm (last year version though, not the new one with a bit of a rocker...). It was snowing and we had some powder, still heavy, lot of humidity with fog, not Utah like powder. I was able to hit some blacks with good amount of powder and got a good sense on the ski. Also run them on groomers at fast speed for some carving and tried quick turns to get an understanding on what this ski can do.

Tomorrow I may be able to try few other skis, not sure what yet, it will depend on what's available as demo. I was looking for the P90 or P100 but nobody carry them as a demo, or at least I could not find them. 

Did any of you skied both Gotama and P100? How do they compare?
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