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Analysis? Anything? A still shot.

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Actually, the size might make any discussion unwieldy for easy viewing, BUT...

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top left skier is knockneed, and what's with the flying outside arm? he's skidding, too. not much downhill component in his line.

middle skier appears mostly solid but anticipating, and could that be why her inside arm & hand are carried too low? she's also finishing her turn with a tail thrust, which ain't good unless she's on pencil skis and afraid.

bottom skier looks smoothest, fastest, best-balanced and stablest. appears to be finished with right hand turn and about to tranny to left turn.

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This is interesting, what were the snow conditions?
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White, and cold to the touch.

(sorry, Spyder, couldn't help myself.
actually, i've no idea; i pulled 'em off a ski club's photo gallery.

looks pretty decent to me though.)
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I don't know, Gonz--I think the third skier is deceptive--not as good as he looks. No one who has skied more than two days would wear a lift ticket on his jacket zipper, where it flaps in his face....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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All right, let me try again!

All three have some reasonable things happening in their stances, in that none are grossly too wide or locked together narrow, and none are excessively countered (facing downhill with their upper bodies) or rotated (facing uphill). They all show that they use their legs somewhat independently.

The first skier may have a serious boot alignment issue. These are hard to diagnose precisely, especially from just one still, but I'd probably explore it with him. Here's what I see: Even with that "a-frame" (knock-kneed stance), it looks like his inside (right) ski is tipped farther than the outside ski. I suspect that he has to work very hard to get his outside ski on edge. If so, he is "underedged," and could benefit from a cant wedge under his binding, with the thick edge toward the INSIDE (or equivalent boot modification). Again, I wouldn't act on this one picture, but I'd observe more, and probably recommend that he go for an alignment measurement with a good boot-fitter.

The second skier is clearly out of balance, over that uphill ski. This photo may have just recorded a bad moment, or the skier may be a bit out of, um, "its" element. Probably rushed the turn a lot, avoiding the "fall line," with a lot of skidding, which is part of the reason the downhill ski has skidded away. Probably could benefit from a goal of rounder, more patient, less skidded turns.

I'll lay odds that the third skier is an instructor, and that his hero is Lito Tejada-Flores. He's an elegant, smooth skier, whose turns originate with a little arm swing/upper body rotation. As Gonz stated, he's set up to initiate the next turn in a moment, that uphill hand down and back by his hip, right hand reaching forward, about to make a gently blocking pole plant as he swings that right arm up and around.

(Of course, he's not at his home area, as evidenced by the lift ticket, but he gets away so infrequently that he forgot that you shouldn't attach it to your jacket zipper....)

Anyone want to take me up on that bet?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

(Way late edit, just to clarify some likely confusion: in my descriptions, the "first skier" is the one on the left, in the back, and the "third skier" is actually the one in the lead, in the pink and blue outfit.)

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posted this in the wrong thread somehow... don't I feel dumb!

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