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Helmet choice: Smith Variant, Giro G9 or RED Frequency ?

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Finally going to buy a helmet (if I don't count the years when I wore one as a child).

As I'm looking for a light helmet that adapts to very (Québec) cold and milder temperatures, searching for one with adjustable venting and detachable side things...

Uptil now, I was able to try Giro G9 and Smith Variant, both in size L.

Giro G9 seemed to fit better, Smith Variant seemed 'flatter' on the inside (probably have more of an oval head) but still OK.
The thing I don't like about the Giro is the venting system (plugs) and the fact that it is/seems more bulky; the Smith seems more pratical with venting and less bulky.

Saw another interesting helmet online that I don't find at local dealers and would only be able to buy online: RED Frequency. 

So, following questions:

1) is G9 venting system (im)practical ?
2) is G9 more suited for oval head than Variant, or did I just didn't take time to adjust variant to my head while trying ?
3) how would Red Frequency fit compare to G9 ?
4) how does Giro G10 fit compare to G9 ?

Any other feedback is welcome as well. 

Thx and happy new-year !

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A very popular helmet this year in Tahoe is the Smith with the hardshell and a small brim, squared vents, don't recall the name.

vents you can open and close on the fly are nice.

fit is individual.

I'd buy a common helmet in case you need to replace something at a ski area shop.

my 2 cents, FWPW

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The one that fits best.
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You should buy the best fitting helmet. You are going to be wearing it all day and you do not want a headache. I used to own the G9 and I never removed the vent plugs. I ski in the North East and with the exception of the warmest spring days I never even thought about removing the plugs.
I now have the Giro Seam, and I think that it is the best fitting helmet that I have ever put on (motorcycle, ski or bike). It also has adjustable vents like the Varient.
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The G9 & G10 fit very similarly.  I have a G10 but I'm looking for a G9 which I'll use most of the time.  The venting on the G10 is far more convenient but at the cost of added weight.  Most of the season I don't need venting so I'd rather have the lighter G9.  When it warms up I'll switch back to the G10.
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I also own the Giro Seam and find it very comfortable and surprisingly warm.  I too ski in Quebec and during the past week of temps sub -20°C, my head was never cold (of course the balaclava and neoprene face mask also contribute to my overall comfort!). 
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I wouldn't say the G9 plug vents are terrible, but it really depends a lot on how warm your head gets.  Where I ski in the PNW, it doesn't get super cold, and I take the vents out sometimes but leave them in most of the time.  One of my friends has the same helmet, and he's always hot.  He can't remember the last time he put the vent plugs *in* so he doesn't mind them at all.  If you're always hot or always cold, it's easy, 'cause you just leave them in or out.  If you're middle of the road, that's when it gets to be a pain 'cause you keep changing depending on the day/weather.  When my G9 is ready to be retired, I will probably replace it with a G10 (or maybe a seam, that's a very comfortable helmet for me too) so that I can have the sliding vents.
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Originally Posted by Taxman View Post

The one that fits best.

Tip: take your goggles with ya and try the helmet on with your own goggles. That could make you want another helmet of buy also new goggles wich "fit" the helmet :-)

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